Dance – with a machine

It’s a little sad science fiction, dancing with a machine, isn’t it? It’s not that at all.

Dancing sounds like a simple subject.

But you quickly realize that the vast majority of boys hate dancing, when their girlfriends drag them around the dance floor without caring about their grunts.

Dance shows – for young men – are almost worse. I remember the ‘box full’ of tickets I did with teenagers: the guys had quickly paid for the “dance show” when they heard about the opportunity.
And then their disappointment… they were a sight to behold.
They were expecting the 1001 Nights wonderful & lovely & so sexy dancers – and they saw some real dancers up close. The difference in “female” forms is so obvious. It took the poor people 45 minutes to recover. In the end they liked it. And they especially liked the VIP meeting organized for them right afterwards.

Talking about this with dancers, we developed a workshop “Dance for those who don’t like to dance” – the reward of the workshop was the opportunity to come backstage afterwards. That works.

The dancers had an absolutely magical idea for this workshop: they made the young guys dance with a chair.
Sounds dumb.
But it works.
You already know what to do with your hands, since they’re cluttered by the chair.
Then you’re not bothered by the lady’s feet: if you hold the chair at arm’s length, there’s no feet. And then there are a thousand ways to flirt with a chair – you’re not even ridiculous, since the chair takes all the attention and is present enough to keep you busy

Since then, we never fail to program dance shows that will allow us to seduce even young people, even geeks, even introverts.
Not everyone likes ballet.
Not all young people like hip hop and street dance.
Most young people are disgusted with pairs dances, because they’re “stuck”: it’s horrible.

So it’s a question of programming shows that are a bit borderline.

I’ve put up examples of what’s being done:
between a crazy engineer’s construction, an accumulation of weird stuff, and the dazzling use of maps on stage… there’s something for everyone…

By the way, it still refreshes the idea of dance, which ended up confiding in the inventions of past centuries.

A few authors – excellent, I would never say otherwise – but only a few – have given our future an appalling picture.

Maybe because it wouldn’t be their future.
And then… we build our future, bit by bit, we don’t have to make it horrible.

Besides, in the past, people have danced with machines. They called them automatons. I don’t think it stopped anybody from falling in love.

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Featured Image : CIMA – Museum of music boxes and automatons (Switzerland)

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