The Beijing Opera

A theatre is a place to meet and to share, isn’t it ?
Today, I’m embarking on an art I don’t know at all – absolutely nothing.
But what a dream!

So I’m not going to pretend to teach you anything about it.
On the other hand, maybe it will make you want to know about it and go see.

It’s the Beijing Opera – and these performances that sound totally hallucinating.
Not seeing that once in a lifetime, frankly – it’s a pity.
So I have to make sure I get to see it once.

If I understood correctly, it’s a type of representation based – like the Italians – on role models, which have framed characteristics that can be derived from them.

I would like to point out that I gladly accept any comment that corrects me, that clarifies me, that gives us examples, links and all possible connections

But, unlike the Italian scenes, you can see and appreciate an opera from 3 sides: the frontal dimension is frankly European in this case (yes I know, the Globe theatre was not based on the frontal either).

And that interests me as much as ‘Altair‘: because a regular spectator of the Bejing Opera must be used to more varied points of view than a Westerner.

For this kind of show in particular, I think it will be fundamental to prepare the venue for ignorant spectators like me.

This will involve: sharing stories. Knowing the story of the Monkey King seems a bit important to me in order to appreciate what’s going on :

Or the “White Snake” : Look, it gets really impressive starting at 1:30.

Sharing the colour codes, the masks, the clothes used: look at this, the incredible work it represents.
It’s worth taking a ticket just to see a stage make-up.

Beijing Opera – Makeup

The enormous advantage of “keyed”-shared code” shows is that it is a unique opportunity to share these codes with the spectators, around the shows given.

Afterwards, one can also wonder why people don’t go to the theatres.

The reason is that they go to see shows they already know.
Without taking the time to share more, to give the desire to know, the way to love – well, everyone keeps going to see what they like. And nothing changes.

More information here : Beijing Opera – Huaguang Guild Hall

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Featured Image : The Beijing Opera on Tour – Istanbul

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    1. My dearest friend! Do you know how any sign of you lights up my day? The heart is more important than anything else. And your heart is marvelous for generosity ! Courage à vous et prenez bien bien soin de vous. All my heart is with you ❤

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        1. But we love you, because you have been able to share so many beauties, so many thoughts, so many artists, so much humanity! Of course, we are all here, waiting to hear from you, and smiling and crying a little when we know that you are here with us. ❤

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