Music for Life

Not every day is so easy, is it?

You know, those days when you can’t laugh. Or feel like swimming, playing, reading, watching a movie – nothing’s right.

As far as I’m concerned, to get back on track, my only trick is them :
put me at their concert – and once I’ve had a good earful, and I’ve seen them give themselves like crazy, and they tell me that life is a miracle, then… it really does get better.

It’s Goran Bregovic in Kalashnikov. It’s set in Poznan, look at the girls in the audience. Poznan is my grandfather’s city. I must be a bit Slavic on the edges.

These two extracts come from the very great film of Emir Kuturica, Life is a Miracle – where France plays a very bad role – but as Kusturica is a great artist, he doesn’t give lessons. He shows.
And the concerts of the No Smoking Orchestra which take again the created musics are just extraordinary:

All that post to say what? That that’s what it’s for, a showplace in a life: it helps us to get back on track. It helps us to live. To laugh. To love – without knocking. So it’s very helpful.

And we have to be there for real: our bodies have to experience the joy and energy of the stage, to be able to get rid of all our bad … cravings. Our anger is generally legitimate. But do you know what other way we can turn them from a destructive power to a creative force for life and joy? I only know the performing arts to do that.

And that’s even why I’m imagining a way to bring virtuality with a touch of reality, to bring our bodies into “the game”.

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Featured Image : from Underground – Emir Kusturica – 1995

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