I-M.F. 6

Impossible-Mission. Festival. / Screenplay 6 : structure

Yes, yes, yes, I said I’d stop talking about it.
Yes, well, it’s almost holiday time. If the weather is nice this week, I’ll check that the sea water is much too cold (there’s a wind… it’s going to be freezing) – and besides, the next Rogue Squadron will be coming out earlier than expected.

Do you know what it’s like for someone like me? Besides I’m a girl – I’m someone just like me, only worse.
It’s someone who fights against all the walls, who brings everything down, Now in my house it feels like the wind of war has just passed – that was just me.
And today I get up – everything is fine: and I feel like I-M. F. 6

I have to fill in the holes with cement. Put some plaster on them. Sand the plaster. Paint coat number one. Sanding… I’m totally lacking in practicality and seriousness.

Never mind!
So I was building my base in five acts.
One act a day.

Act 1, of course, is the opening of the Festival: we learn who the bad guy is – we understand who the good guy is – and we tell ourselves that the one in danger is the girl.
And the world, by the way. The planet, on the other hand, will be saved. I don’t do things in a small way.

To make it all work, of course, I’m going to have to find a cool way to remind the audience of the beginning. I can’t imagine a festival where people are there all the time.
If that happens, we’ll have knocked out all the other events, we’ll have pushed the deflectors and we’ll have gone straight into hyperspace at a thousand times the speed of light.

In the meantime, I’m still going to think of a “trick” to allow anyone to remember what happened before.

So in act two, the bad guy wins- largely.
In act three,I give my Hero a small chance to defeat the Villain in act four.
In act four, that small chance turns out to be worse than doing nothing, and the hero is about to be crushed.
In act five, he is crushed.
In act five, he is not crushed.
In act five, I won’t tell you anything at all – no spoilers. But I’m just telling you that the yes/no thing is too basic. And that after that, there will be “season 2”, which is modestly called: The Legendary Festival.

And a season 3: the Mythical Festival.

I’m annoying, aren’t I?
I said just a little bit.
I’ve got to redo my walls, you know.
I’m a serious girl, too.

And on top of that, I have to take the time to accept Saba’s gift. And it’s a gift that makes me so proud & happy

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