Cucumbers of Anxiety


This morning I was reading an excellent post by Gottfried in Banter Republic – and there I came across this statement: We are all cucumbers of anxiety. That sentence hit me so hard that I had to do something about it.

Me ? Me ? Me, a cucumber ? ! And a cucumber of anxiety on the top of that ? Okay okay, fine, that’s all right, sometimes, maybe, a few, I can, I could – well no – d’accord – i can fall a little bit in the ‘ anxious cucumber ‘ mode. But really, not for long.
I had never imagined myself as a human made up of 80% water, and therefore being nothing more than an “anxiety cucumber”. – At least we avoided watermelon, which would be 93% water. Then we wouldn’t have had a chance to get away with it with any dignity.

Cucumber, well- it’s okay.

And now, as the world gets easier to live in.
What’s this about my anxieties, deep down? Otherwise all that cucumber water stirring in its jar – me ?

So it’s time for laughter and fun: and that’s circus, comedy, music, dance.

Time for hijacking, time for freedom.
Thanks Gottfried 🙂

So for the hijackings, laughter, freedom – it’s time to share with you the breathtaking work of Laura Scozzi and her: Snowbeard and the Seven Little Pigs in the Sleeping Wood.

I don’t think you’ve often imagined ballet like this:

(There are no words, only the title is in French.)

The two excerpts being quite different, they are both worth it.
But the truth is that – on stage – they invent something else and it’s just pure joy that calms all the cucumbers!

Laura is an interesting example of a broadcaster “trap”: if you just read her notes of intent… phew… the political message, criticism of society, codes, stuff… you expect the purest boredom. – Well, I’ve been waiting for that.
And then here it is: that’s what it’s all about, a joyful anything, very rhythmic – with good, even very very good music – there’s a copyright problem for the video extracts – , an audience that laughs after five minutes and applauds standing at the end.

So it’s a show – a choreographer, she’s Italian – that shouldn’t be missed. You’d miss it if you read her ‘intentions’. I wonder if we shouldn’t stop asking for ‘deep and social intentions’ in every show that comes along. Or else accept the intention: to communicate the joy of living.

Because a girl like that, every time you go into ‘anxious cucumber’ mode, she makes your life less dramatic in no time at all!

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    1. Yes of course 🙂 that’s why I “saw” the “special anguished cucumber water” that would only have our fears as its engine of movement 🙂 .I really liked the metaphor – with all that water swirling around. And also the side: let’s get back down to earth. After all, seeing myself as an ‘anxious cucumber’ gives me a much more distant point of view about myself: it gives me freedom from my worries.

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    1. There are some glitches in this thing – I think it depends on the percentage of water !!! – The French word has two meanings: the fruit, the pomegranate / the weapon of war, the grenade.


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