“The peasant steps aside in front of the beautiful woman”

Programming / Theme : love story

That’s a lovely sentence, isn’t it?
It is, for my part, the most surprising and charming flirtation phrase I’ve ever been offered.
It was this Monday, when I went shopping.

I came home a little high-falutin’, you’ll understand me easily.
And me, who’s not very very good at love stories – it’s a figure of speech, isn’t it – I’m totally unfit, too bad for me – well, thanks to this very charming gentleman who gave me the whole sidewalk with his pretty words, all the shows have come back to me with the theme of love – and love, not the catastrophic, disastrous and depressing love I knew – no, the beautiful love of youth, of freshness, of the most beautiful eyes in the world , and of the soul mate.

You won’t find much of that love in the plays.
Authors are like me too, old grumblers who have come back from everything – and the great love stories of literature are all terrible dramas. If you’ve got a great headline where the story ends well, I’ll take it. Right now I can’t find anything, except comedies where love is used as a pretext for the play.

But in dance, music and the circus, there are people happier to live, less tortured by their ugly humanity – and then you’ll find a whole bunch of shows that sing about the beautiful love between two beautiful hearts.

So today, let’s talk about happy love.

Three companies came to my mind right away on the subject, because they’re close to my heart – even though my list is much longer – but you’ll come and see it for real on the Altair stage.

Phare, the circus of Cambodia – I’ve had them in my sights for a year – they’re extraordinary! And their revival, transformed, enchanted, of Singing in the Rain is perfectly magical…

When it is the modern Bolshoi who dances Raymonda, I even accept to cry at a love story … that will end well !

I have known them for years – they are complete artists: theatre, circus and music.
And complete lovers too – so much so that they have been able to bring the sweetness of their love on stage for years. And frankly, it’s good to see two such beautiful souls so united to offer us such a beautiful and tender show. Their name is d’Irque & Fien :

Le Carrousel des Moutons – d’Irque & Fien
Sol Bemol – D’Irque & Fien

That’s it – thanks to this charming gentleman, I felt like talking about love for once. The truth is, a second after he said that, I felt like I was living a Russian novel. I was no longer Barbara with a man’s name, but my grandmother’s Balbalka. It’s a change from fighting in video games or playing at being ultra-modern after all.

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Featured Image : Esmeralda by Hugo Pratt – She, she’s really beautiful. She deserved to be left on the sidewalk.

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