His name is : Eastwood

In the Family, I ask: the son.

And I discover an amazing musician.

His first name is Kyle.

He is indeed the son (the eldest son) of Clint Eastwood, and he, an artist too, chose music to express his soul.

This man is a truly great, great, artist. You know how you can know that? Listen to this: “I love playing with lots of musicians who play differently and you learn different things. It makes you think outside your box when someone plays in quite a different style.” (aaamusic.co.uk) A man who says that, he knows you’re not an artist on your own. That one is only worthwhile by opening oneself to others, to their influences, their tonalities, their hearts, joys and hurts.

Being the son of… a sacred monster of the cinema allowed him to be the son of an immense artist who had to put him on the path of sharing.
He has already shared his love of music with his son:

The first thing my father showed me,” he says, “was how to play boogie-woogie on the piano. He taught me the left-hand part, so I’d play that and he’d play the right hand. That was probably my earliest playing of a bass line. The Independent 

The video excerpt shows you his latest album (yes, he’s going to come and play this at our place!) – and what I loved about it is that it features great film music, reworked, rearranged, revisited by these great musicians.

Frankly, the list of excerpts he proposes just makes me drool with envy!

And all that with the beautiful sounds of jazz, all that copper that softens the soul – did you know that the sax has one of the closest sounds to the human voice?

That’s it – tonight was a quiet post – for when life is just quiet and beautiful.

At home, close to Spain, we finally have the beautiful summer nights. You know, the ones where the air is just warm, where the wind breaks, where the barbecue still smells like vine wood, where the cicadas sing, where friends pass by. Those evenings that you think you’d like to be in love – or to listen to beautiful jazz music. Or both, if you’re lucky.

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Featured Image : Kyle Eastwood -2013 – published by aaamusic.co.uk

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