Gamers in the UAE

When you’re talking about serious matters, about finances – you might as well find out.
The topic of the day is the market segment that the gamers represent – in the United Arab Emirates.

So, this concerns my target audience and their economic capabilities/habits.

I received this study this morning: it’s fresh. It’s about how many people in the UAE play video games – which games – which media – which ages and for what reasons.

It’s a study carried out by the only company that really does serious work on the subject: Newzoo.
By the way, creating Altair without planning a regular work with them would be a major mistake.

As I’m a nice girl, I give you the link here.

And here is the summary: more than 3/4 of the population plays regularly in the UAE.

As many women as men – and yes.

People play on all media: mobile – console and computer. Women seem to play more easily on computers than on consoles.
I suppose you know why?

As a gamer, I’m telling you: we share: the kids have the console, mom has the computer. But then, when we share, we also exchange.

Doesn’t that matter? In fact it does: it’s usually the mother who agrees to pay for all the proposed DLCs, (DLC : Download Content) for the new level, the new map, the new skin, to try a certain game of the “store” etc.

A mom interested in video games herself will have less worries to take a DLC in exchange for payment: and if on top of that she is offered a Download Content that brings a little bit of novelty and culture (and not those horrible cultural contents: learning while having fun) passed in the hearts of the games, then she will be even more inclined to take this virtual content.

Relatively speaking, its online population is among the world’s biggest spenders on games—both in terms of the share of spenders and the amounts they spend. Half of UAE’s online population spends money on games.” “Around 39% of gamers in the market spend on mobile games, compared to 38% on console and 33% on PC”. “the UAE generated game revenues of $283 million last year” – Newzoo study.

Then do the math: people play on multiple media.
Most of the time, all media.

The reasons why people play are also quite interesting: to pass the time, to make virtual friends, to escape from everyday life.

This is not unique to the Emirates, nor to what Neom can become.

However, in the Emirates (and maybe in Neom), there is still a lack of great places to socialize.
People who arrive without children (and there are many of them) remain only in the professional and community circle (their countries, more or less).
And so, yes, there is a real need – which is expressed through the consumption of games

This is just a summary, isn’t it, I’m not here to “steal” Newzoo’s work – on the contrary.

So, NO : I wasn’t talking about Dubai or Neom by any chance.
Now I have the data. And you too.

So my target audience is: more than half of the UAE population for Altair Twin and Altair : “the UAE is a highly lucrative market that should be on the radar of any publisher or brand looking to target a young, digitally native audience.

If there are any places in the world where Altair is particularly likely to win, it’s there:
* they’re going to go through Altair Twin
* they’re gonna go through our ultra-speed VR experiments.
* they will come to the Altair building; because it will be their home, next door.

That’s it.
Do I have anything to add?
Actually no: I know that, when we talk about money, we have to give substance to the evidence, we have to have precise studies.

Here they are. Yes, yes, yes, we know what we’re talking about.

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Featured Image : Dubai, UAE.

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