15 little joys

It sounds like an Agatha Christie novel, doesn’t it ?

In the shadows, a dark character had been pondering his crimes for years, millisecond by millisecond – and when Lady Stone finally found herself at the crossroads between St Mary Mead and Pinkergelow, dressed in her little blue suit that made her delicate tea pink complexion glow so bright….

If I don’t stop, in a month I’ll still be there and you with me (but yes, you would stay with me for a little Agatha-tea? No ? – of course you would. Agatha is amazing.) .
I’m totally out of line with that.

The subject, my gift of this week, is to share 15 small daily joys.
Of course, such a precious gift could only come from an even more precious man. The only one who advised me with a kind firmness, to learn meditation and yoga. The one who shares pictures of his skies, nights of evenings and mornings, the one who never forgets to tell us that we must learn to smile at life and take it as a game. And he is so right to share his wisdom (especially with impatient wild boars like I can be).
Now you know who he is: he is of course Ashok.

I have come to realize – but now you also know that sometimes my head is heavier than a tax notice – that Ashok, through the miracles of the internet and chosen families, ends up being my virtual uncle. It’s going to be a complicated story – In any case, I’m delighted.

Here then are my 15 little joys, which do not need the support of the army, the angels and all the saints to be realized.

1 – go barefoot in the kitchen and run my coffee. I’m still sleeping, it smells good, nothing moves: everything is good.

2 – living barefoot – I don’t understand how one can like to wear shoes? – you can feel bare feet : rolling stones, hot or cool earth, small herbs, tiny climbs, very slight descents – Well, it is Algeria that still speaks inside me.

3 – to enjoy the smells from outside, the noises too.

4 – to see the sea: when I can, I try to return from work by the road that allows me to see the sea. And if a truck blocks my view, I continue on my way and I go to see the sea. Because I am a stubborn girl.

5 – to play. Okay, no comment. The problem is that I hate to lose. So video games are very good for a bad one as I am- I can wish death and a thousand sufferings to unknown pseudonyms. With my children, I still can’t do that.

6 – dancing – any way, because I feel like it, most of the time when I’m waiting in the kitchen for “it” to cook.

7 – walk around my village at night. I live in a very small village – in Hannibal’s time my village was built like a “snail”, cars have a hard time passing by – and normally I drag with me a few cats from my neighborhood, who also like to go for a walk.

8 – to tenderize the strange monster that has taken possession of my front door. It must be an old lady – she’s gotten fat lately – and closing and opening it turns into a daily nightmare. So when it goes well, it’s a real “beast” little joy.

9 – smelling the lavender: I put a big pot of lavender, just to water it in the evening and smell the fresh scent of the flowers.

10 – go home when I’m very tired – and it smells good because my sons have made something to eat. Well, that was exceptional.

11 – Look at my young son and his girlfriend: they are in love like children, they are 16 years old and they look at each other, like that, for hours.

12 – Collapse on the sofa on my way home from work. Big big everyday happiness.

13 – take a nap. I like the night very much, so I go to bed quite late. And I love the very evening – so the nap, when I can… is a joy.

14 – do nothing & waiting for the connection. It is a very strange feeling, it hurts a lot but it’s a great joy in the same time, I can’t explain it but everyday I’m here. A little bit more, and I’ll definitely be addict to. That’s not true. I already am.

15 -The day the guy who plays his bagpipes in the village every night at 11 p.m. since April will finally be saved and can go home, I think I’ll be happy. A bagpipe! In Elne: the place of the guitar and castanets. And my neighbor who spends her day saying: AΓ―e mama. They drive me crazy. The soundtrack of my personal film is very, very bad. I am disappointed. So I’m looking forward to the day when everything will be fine again.

It’s about offering the game to five/six people – I’m spoiled right now – . So I’m taking this opportunity to offer it to people I don’t know very well yet.

Dulcy Singh – with her lovely smile

Luisa Zambrotta – and all her deep & incredible knowledge

DΓ©sirΓ©e B. Silvage – and her heart of artist

The girl with a puzzled mind – a puzzled mind ! just like me

Saphilopes – and her deep deep heart & art

Myfanwy : great, great artist.

Of course, do whatever you want with it – and I must say it’s a real challenge to find 15 of them.
From the 11th answer, I told myself that I often forgot to appreciate my life from day to day.

Thanks again Ashok, my dear uncle from the internet.

Home Page

Featured Image : An English Garden ! With Agatha Christie, Miss Marple and her roses and the stifling heat at my house these past few days, I wanted to set foot in an English garden so badly. I hope to see that, an English garden. Not just in Agatha’s novels. That won’t be so difficult: the airport of Perpignan is almost only connected with England, because of the rugby at 13.

It’s not just any garden : it’s Haddon Hall – a trip into the universes of Agatha & sir Arthur.

25 Thoughts

  1. Smelling lavender 😌😌
    Loved reading your small Joys.
    Thanks for nominating me but I have done this 15 small Joys Tag earlier..You can read it in my INSPIRING BLOGGER TAG AND SMALL JOYS post . Thanks again 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had no doubt that my smart niece would come out with a great post. You are such a gifted writer Barbara.

    Thank you so much for your kind and warm words and thoughts about me. My love and friendship with you has grown many notches with Agatha coming on the scene. I loved her and have read all her books. And when I visited England long long back – 1983 – I took 4.50 from Paddington πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

    You know I had trouble limited my joys to 15! I have scores of them. Like you I love to catch a look at sea whenever I can. I miss the sea after I moved to Pune from Mumbai. When I was working in Mumbai I would take a longer route to the work place just to be able to look at the sea. In the evenings on my way back I would stop mid way and stroll on the beach and wait to see the sunset. There is no joy like watching a sunset over huge expanse of water. Sea always gives me the feeling of infinitude, which the sky doesn’t. Many a days I have gone to the sea early morning, when it is still dark – and have meditated there listening to the waves 🌊
    Your village seems beautiful and you can expect your virtual uncle there soon to turn the relationship to a more real one. For me nothing is virtual and everything is virtual.
    Looking at the age of your sons, you would be my son’s age – a couple of years more or less πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—
    May God fill your life with more and more joys Barbara. Love and hugs πŸ€—

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh oh. But today is going to be extra beautiful and productive my dear.

        When you get some free time pls send me the link of your post with the pic, which made Saba say you are twins πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

        Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ I told you : I’m a sort of German – Ashok said : 15, I did 15. He said ” little early joys”, that’s all I’ve been looking for. I didn’t mark the little blueberry ice cream, because if it becomes daily, I immediately turn into a whale…. ❀

      Liked by 1 person

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