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I will take first oratory precautions: what I’m going to write is so expensive that it won’t be possible to do it.

Is that all right?

But since I have the advantage of working only with my head, and my head is not expensive, I can at least roll out this idea.
So, let’s go.

I’ve worked a lot on Virtual Reality and I think I’ve found most of the fun I can imagine with it, in the Living Show register.

Of course, I had given up (because I’m a little lazy) the idea of inserting an excerpt into a video game – well, I mean : I didn’t really work on it, once I found the principle.
Everyone thought it was obvious – so I didn’t look any further.
What a mistake madam.

So the subject is : real shows in video games online

I can talk about this subject because I don’t have any moral lessons to give your children on this point: I can play all night and go to work with one hour of sleep and rimmel-free dark circles. I can kill all the innocent people who fall under my axe without a single remorse. I’m not afraid when developers add blood – on the other hand when I can’t see anything anymore because of the splashes, it really pisses me off.

So, like so many others, I’m a classic beta subject.
And here’s the point.
If I, as a player, run into artists on a street corner, what do I do?

I know very well what I do: first I don’t think and I shoot in the heap. You never know, maybe it’s a trap.

If they are circus artists in a beautiful balancing act… I’ll be tempted to bring down the whole gang in one shot. A strike like that on a stage, you can’t refuse it.
So first we strike.
It’s perfectly normal. It’s stupid (but … yes I’m not trying to defend myself on this point, it’s indefensible) – but it’s a lot of fun.

So the artists will have either the treatment of the set and nothing touches them (the disappointment for the player – I’m in pain in advance). Or they’ll be touched and recompose themselves ad infinitum.

Obviously, the cheapest is the “wall” treatment.

That’s where I was when I was thinking about this proposal.

I had given up, with a little sadness, the possibility of shooting in the heap and that it would have real effects on the artists.
At this point, my extracts are real and pure elements of scenery and nothing more.

It’s not done – it’s not so bad. It’s the necessary “first step”.

But. But seriously, how can I not want to use such a potential ?

This is where science fiction begins. The price of Three Pyramids at least.

No, I’m not exaggerating. …maybe… a little bit.

Well – let’s move on to 3020, when all this will be at affordable prices.
So there are artists and players. The artists do their act – the players interact. Once you’ve done a good job of shooting in the pile, you can think about doing other things.

Since there are now several players on a map, we can change the rules.

Change… no. Add new ways to play.

This one ; when an artist is killed by an obnoxious kid with his controller, one player has to replace him. Here it would be a matter of working group against group.
I don’t know if you’re going to watch how Overwatch and Plants vs Zombies – Battle for Neighborville are played :

There are two teams – one defending, one attacking – currently we are defending/attacking a place, a transport, in short something that can only take damage and does not play.

The next step will be to attack/defend persons or inhabited convoys; something that takes damage but plays and responds.

Now, let’s imagine.
The purpose of the day is to protect a troop of artists invited by the Zombies (for example, at random, I swear).
The artists get killed by the opposing team. The players protect them and can replace them – or must when the case becomes critical. The artists, who are not just jokers without courage and taste for the game, have the possibility to respond and attack too. Here it will be about their NPC forms.

And then, man, when you’re going to have to do the dancer-star pirouette or the aerial acrobat’s throw, we’ll change the level of play – especially if these movements are always different because the shows are different.
And then… for that to be feasible for the players who are going to find themselves replacing real artists, the NPCs would have to be a little more effective than those -which I love – in Skyrim for example.

The NPCs would have to be programmed to welcome the player and manage movements in the group that are not the perfection of the century – and this is where Artificial Intelligence comes in: without the development of this, it will be much worse.

You’ll tell me that I intend to exploit AI for quite laughable and not at all serious purposes.
This is not false.
At the same time, my subject is fun – not serious subjects that save the planet (but I’m working on improving myself on this point).

So that means:

– that the artists presented must be adapted to the phases of the game in which they perform.
– that they must have at least the capabilities of a NPC.
– that they should have the support of an AI to be able to integrate real players
– that we’ll do more than just perform in the games : we’ll make play our “characters”.

So okay, that changes us from this point of view. It would take people to program this adventure… and to program it for each extract and for each game.

That’s true, I don’t deny it. It’s impossible to do that right now.

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I know that the guys of Les Tambours du Bronx are really into playing, from time to time, inside their characters – but this, well, everything in its time. Afterwards, they’re so much in favor of it that it would be a shame not to exploit this possibility. I add that totally at random, of course. –

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