La Traviata


La Traviata is one of Verdi’s great operas – a must-see.
And yet it was a monumental failure at its creation. A real catastrophe.
One should never despair.

It’s opera to make your romantic friends fall in love with opera.
There’s nothing funny about this story, it’s a really beautiful and sad love story.

And when we talk about love, we also talk about Destiny – so those who say they can read destiny find themselves on stage: the Gypsy chorus is one of my favourite passages.

It was originally an adaptation of a novel by Dumas: La Dame aux Camélias.
I’m not going to talk too much about the novel – I’ve never been able to read it in its entirety.
Basically, it’s the story of a courtesan – who has the habit of wearing a “significant” flower when she goes out. The red flower refers to the days forbidden to gentlemen. No comment on the chic of the process.

Fortunately, I saw La Traviata : two of my closest friends in tears for most of the performance. Okay, I cried too. I too have a small, tender and fragile heart, what do you think? I don’t just hit monsters in games.

It must be said that the story is horrible. There’s Violetta, the courtesan, who begins to love out of her social condition. For the love of Alfredo, she gives up her profession. May I say that ?

First of all, they are cooing and happy.
But Alfredo is … a nothing at all, a son of his father especially, and he must have good company.
For the honour of the family, here is the father who intervenes, and asks Violetta to leave his son.
Violetta is in love.
She only wants the good for her lover.
Convinced by the father, she writes the letter of rupture and leaves.

Evidently she is ill. Evidently she is going to die – and the young man understands only too late the sacrifice of the beautiful girl, who will die in his arms.

Violetta’s Death – Welsh National Opera

Obviously, as this Opera has become ultra-known, almost all of us have heard “excerpts”, arias that have become familiar – whose origin we don’t always know how to identify.

I’m absolutely sure that you know this song… when the days were happy for Violetta : the very famous Brindisi :

And this one about the tragic choice: to be free or to love? Staged by the Royal Opera…. yes yes, I love them :

So I agree with you: programming La Traviata is not at all original.
Nor is it weird.
But where the hell is Altair’s adventurous spirit? What’s the lady doing, is she already asleep?

She wants to kill them, the young people targeted for the theatre?
Nothing at all.
Nothing can shake them more than what is classic for the rest of us.

It’s very easy to bring young people to see a live concert of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ‘s OSTs (by the way, it’s very easy to bring me there too).
To put VR helmets on their heads and place them in places they would never have thought of.
Very difficult to take them to see La Traviata.
But if it wasn’t very difficult to do, it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

I’m even wondering if we shouldn’t book a session with an age limit. Wouldn’t that be a bit exaggerated? But … I like the bet.

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Featured Image : From the show’s poster, by Jennifer Chevallot.

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    1. Oh mon ami, vous êtes de retour 🙂 And you are back for me in days when I go forward with my eyes closed, not knowing where I’m going – in those days, receiving your support and friendship is such a precious gift. I hope that you, on your side, get better and that the days of suffering pass. Permettez-moi de vous embrasser et à bientôt, mon grand premier ami américain.

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