A Ô’ Lang Phô


I have already talked about them, but in fact, they deserve that I speak, at least once, only about them.

They are the troupe of the New Circus of Vietnam – which I was delighted to see on stage – and backstage during their rehearsals.
They are not only adorable people, but above all absolute artists.

They are among those who have allowed the Circus arts to find freshness, joy and create a delirious enthusiasm in the audience.

They arrive on stage with almost nothing.
Wicker baskets
And they
And it’s getting completely crazy.

As they are wonderful, they have not forgotten that a normal spectator likes to be told a story, even if they don’t use words for it.

So they thought of telling us a story.
A village story
An exotic story for villagers from France – obviously –
They invite us to their home, under the red moon that illuminates their village.
It is appropriate for us to admire with them the dances of the frogs when the night fell.
It suits you to the madness of the factory, where baskets fly from floor to floor.
You hallucinate with their dark circles – yes my assocation them and Portal comes especially from these two episodes: these people really disappear in the dark circles – and seen from the other side, the performance is …. stunning.

And since they are young – and since we are in the 21st century, they talk about love in their country, and a love that is also said with the American street dances – no no they don’t give in to the morbid nostalgia of “it was so much better before” – quite the contrary. They didn’t want to choose between tradition and modernity, they took everything and thus created life and joy.

Here below is a longer version, which gives a good overview of what they are able to achieve, just as if they were playing.

And a show like this isn’t just for kids – everyone is thrilled.
And me with it, because shows like this one also let me know that we would have really unforgettable content to present to video game companies, and even more unforgettable content to offer to Virtual Reality enthusiasts. For this company, Virtual Reality in a group … it would be a dream of a lifetime! – No, I’m not exaggerating.

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Featured Image : A Ô’ Lang Phö – 2017 – Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam.

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