Video Games Links

Here is what we can propose to create real links with the different types of video games.

3 major genres can be solicited:

  • the adventure type game – which can be played solo or in teams.
  • the team vs. team type game – which is necessarily played as a team…
  • the royal battle type game – which inaugurated the link with the live show, played solo or in very small teams.

The first proposal, which consists of adding atmospheric elements to the game set, is only of interest for the “adventure” game.
This can only be negotiated if we can show an added value compared to other games. We must therefore propose a contract with a regular renewal of these show elements, so as to allow the game to have at its disposal new atmosphere elements – if possible in connection with their added content.
This proposal can’t be addressed to the players / I don’t think so. It is therefore a question of selling/renting the excerpts to gaming companies. By this, I mean that it is useless to think of offering it to players in the different paid downloadable content packs.

The second proposal is to offer interactions with the players.

  • to be able to break the show/artist-characters: this is almost a necessary basis to seduce the players.
  • be able to fight with the characters – used as allies
  • be able to fight against characters – used as enemies

> this leads to the integration of ephemeral characters in the different games, but which will have an impact on the final scores.

This may allow “Altair extensions” to be offered for purchase to different players.

The third proposal consists in inserting artists more deeply into the heart of the games, by posing new quests: performing the show would be the major quest – with all the secondary quests that can be associated with it.

Again, this is downloadable content to be offered to players.

Beware for these two proposals, it’s not about dodging contracts with game companies (no, I’m not crazy yet – it’s coming, but not yet) – on the other hand, Altair’s main goal is to exist for the players. So, being proposed as DLC is an excellent bias, which can also help to establish the success or failure of proposals.

Proposals 2 and 3 are for both adventure and team vs. team games.

The fourth proposal builds on the mechanics of Battle Royal type games – and proposes the theatre as the final venue for the fights.
The proposed show will become an element of the final combat – the players will be able to use the scenery – artists – unfamiliar places that will be proposed to them.

It is true that the proposed show then becomes more a pretext to play than a show to admire.

But on this point, I am not going to sell illusions: all these proposals only aim to make people want to see “in real life” and “in full” shows that will have been seen/played during a game. Except in quite rare cases, players will not take the time to stop and watch.

And this case can only be true in some very targeted games (yes, but there are many) in adventure mode.

Mobile games don’t seem to me to be possible yet to exploit in this way – they will surely be soon.

There, this is the clearer plan of our cogitations on the subject of integrating excerpts from shows into games.

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