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In my list: annoyances of the year 2020, there are: movies that don’t come out – video games postponed to the Greek calendars.
There are several games from Ubisoft that I was looking forward to playing: Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Skull & Bones. I don’t know how many years I’ve been waiting for these games.

Skull & Bones, which will eventually come to exist – will be a game exactly the way I like it: a great adventure and piracy game.
There will be sailing ships
Vessels full of goods
And landscapes I don’t know: the developers chose the “2nd life” of piracy as a backdrop, and thus the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Okay, nothing chic or delicate in this game.
All right, then.

We’ll leave as nobody, a poor guy who hangs out on a dock, daydreaming while watching the boats going out to sea.
We finish – when we get there – a legendary pirate, a new Blackbeard.

There are already a lot of games about piracy – Ubisoft had already released the Black Flag game under the Assassin’s Creed license, which was not bad.
At the moment, it’s Rare with its Sea of Thieves that is at the top of online games.
So, to make us want to buy another pirate game, they have to promise a lot.

So the developers promise to be as close as possible to the ‘real’, the original pirates, those who sought freedom in the open sea and money in other people’s pockets, with the empathy of a cannonball and the softness of Cape Horn.
It will therefore be a question of offering us to choose our flag, black or red? The attack or “no quarter”? There should be the possibility to gather one’s treasures (yes, anyway) and hide them – to go and dig up other players’ treasures and become green with rage when one’s own have gone into other pockets.

Given the quality of the seas found in Sea of Thieves, the fact that the boat moves more or less fast depending on how you steer it – I hope we’ll get the same sailing feeling in Skull&Bones – or even better.
And normally, since we’re talking about the sea, there should be in the game modes those awful times when there’s nothing, not a breath of wind and the desperation that rises from below, those moments when there’s too much and there are your masts flying away, your ropes breaking, your cannons rolling from one side to the other, smashing everything in their path – in short, a ship as alive as a ship can be – thus forcing you to think twice before attacking the big Dutch ship that is taunting you with all its money and wealth.

This will come out, it is said, in 2021. Or later. Like everything else.
Nevertheless, in the meantime, this game gets better and better every day and goes into more and more detail.

As a result, here is Altair, who is now repointing the tip of his beak: in the details, that means the ports. The creeks. The dry places where you need to relax – after so many days at sea, you have to. Places where you need to spend your gold. In short, the places of perdition – and everyone knows that in the places of perdition you will find artists.

For games like this one, obviously, there would be selected pieces of the Flying Dutchman – obviously there would be excerpts from Capoeira – obviously excerpts from dances “of perdition”: tango, cabaret… Obviously excerpts from circus…. All in all, a whole collection of excerpts from a whole bunch of shows that could give even more life, strength and appeal to a pirate game that could be considered the nth copy of a “genre game: piracy” if the developers weren’t careful.

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Featured Image : From Skull & Bones – developped by Ubisoft Singapore

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