Extreme VR – no brakes

Virtual Reality – development – 1

For several days now, temptation has been running through my head.
I had said: not to exceed the limit: “spectator” in my Virtual Reality proposals.

So, not to propose acting to the spectator – but to offer him places so strange and peculiar that Virtual Reality suddenly offered him a vast choice of new experiences.

And since I’ve identified the line very, very well – the terrible urge to cross it stalks me, of course.

So today, I take out my famous “JoJo Stando” called: No Iimit, and in a totally irresponsible way, I cross the line.

For those who don’t know it yet, I’m a girl, and I make the most of it. So, they say girls are great at throwing other people’s money out the window? all right, what I’m going to say is just that. In terms of money, I don’t even want to know how much it’s going to cost.
Eventually, I might be interested in how much money it can bring in. – you can tell me that it’s horribly sexist what I’m saying here, I agree so much – it terribly amuses me.

And now, opening the No Limit mode :

This time again, I start from the position of the spectator.
I find myself with this damned helmet on my head, being bluntly propelled by freaks pretending to be jugglers – and if I don’t throw up, what do I do? I clap my hands desperately to make up for something and make this hell stop.

If I end up being a club or a ball, since I don’t have any arms, I’ll be well annoyed.
What I’ll love is, when I’m a ball, to be balled up like a ball and find myself hopping around pathetically – but very, very seriously, to escape the hands of the madman who makes me lose my common sense.
I know what you’re thinking: first comment: ah that’s cool. Second: it’s not possible, too bad.
It’s not possible, because, in reality, my juggler uses real balls, devoid of willpower, consciousness and physical strength: they don’t escape.
If I start to put one, two or even ten balls with will and physical strength in his hands, he will end up with nothing in the hands.
That’s too bad for him.

With that, there is the problem of: how do you stage it? Yes, I realize that. I swear I do. I realize it very well. No Limit – I don’t care.

And then what, we’re talking about virtual reality, right? Real reality, it’s on the stage.
So I reject the argument.

That’s when I start throwing money out the window :

Before I do, however, let’s put this into perspective :

In a video game, I am a character and I have a goal.
In Virtual Reality, I am myself and my goal is to have as much fun as possible. So, if it amuses me to go and hide under a piece of furniture, I go there. If it amuses me to join my fellow “balls”, I go too – and if I can’t do it, I “try again”.

Since the perspective is totally different, I’m not playing a video game. I’m playing virtual reality. That is new.

– No, because still, let’s be honest: virtual reality where, ouhlala, I dance with a shark and then he opens his mouth and he’s going to eat me – how? I’m not five years old anymore either, actually. And the one where I find myself playing video games, but those of the 90s, and standing with a helmet? – I’m better off on my sofa, seriously. The technological added value, it’s totally untapped, so it’s totally boring.

That’s why, even if it costs money to set up, starting thinking about exploiting virtual reality for entertainment seems to me to be a must.
As a result, we have to think about giving pleasure, joy, fun, amazement

In order for this to be possible, I need two things: on the one hand that each virtual “place” can be animated and have freedom of movement, which can only be achieved by using engines like those in video games – while maintaining constant visual contact with the given scene, in motion and – if I remain coherent – with movements that cannot be anticipated from the moment I open the game to a whole group of participants.

– afterwards, you know, it works quite well at the moment – it’s called : online video games.

And secondly, I need the virtual artists to be able to respond and react to the disordered movements of the “spectators”: this is where the need for beautiful, well-programmed artificial intelligence comes in.

And see how treacherous I am: I’ve already planned this, so that Altair can participate in video games.
The AI part and the artists “programmed” to react, I already have them.
So I can also use them for virtual reality.
You see that I can pay attention to the expenses, when I want to.

I’m missing the programming part for the “spectators” – yes – almost – but I have all their environment modeled and virtualized – so no worries about the shooting, it will have already been done. I need a game engine to animate them.
It’s not that expensive (yes, I say that… pardon pardon) – especially since I need this game engine for the “getting into the heart of video games” part.

So I just develop this principle, adapting it to virtual reality proposals.
I’m a real ant, thrifty as hell.

The essential difference with video games is, on the one hand, that these proposals do not need the support of a video game: they are autonomous.
And above all, that I base myself on the fact that in life, yes, we play, but not only: virtual reality proposals can be based on other mechanics than those of “I kill you first, I run, I hide, I roll, I jump, I slide”.

In virtual reality I will be able to: hang on to something, run away, I can hide – but then I might get stuck under a piece of furniture and it will be too bad for me – join my friends in the group to play with the virtual artist, try movements that can’t exist, and so on.

And so much so that I can even tell you that if we manage to achieve this, the Impossible Festival will be downright Legendary in its first opus:

Can you see that?
A Festival where I put into action my artists, my audience in real life, my audience in Altair Twin, gamers in e.sport โ€ฆ. all I needed was my thrill crazies: I get them back and use them with virtual reality in which they have access to movements.
And as I don’t see for what crazy reason I will stop in such a good way, I will even propose the virtual reality game to great artists .

It’s simple: if I, the unknown girl, start to find myself in a ball, and jumping, it’s not going to give much. If I pass the role of the ball to a circus artist, then it will give something!

And then, in my big fights planned in Altair Twin (I’m in my story : Impossible Festival), I’ll be able to add VR participants to the e.sport players.
And there, the pleasureโ€ฆ.. will be complete.

That’s it – those were my first steps after the line.

In the end, even when I give my spectators the opportunity to act, I don’t get them to be a video game spectators-players. I arrive at a new type of spectator.
All I have to do now (but I’m going to die of exhaustion!) is to go into more detail according to the various applications that can be derived from it.
The sequel to an upcoming episode.

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Featured Image : Eon – Virtual Reality – the sharks.

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