Wang / Ramirez Compagnie.

Programming / Dance

These two didn’t start from what they knew how to do to imagine a show, but from what they wanted to tell.

And their subject is vast: what happens between a man and a woman?
The seduction of her
The amazement of him
The amazement of her
The seduction of him
When we understand each other and it’s too magnificent
When we don’t understand each other anymore and it’s too annoying
When you think: he knows me too well – he doesn’t love me anymore
When you say to yourself: but what does she want?
When we argue
When we make up
When we play to be someone else
When we want what can’t be written down
when we’ve done what can’t be written down
When we get lost, when we find each other, when we laugh and when we cry so much…

When we suddenly have a living heart.

Sébastien and Honji wanted to share all this.
And that gave: Monchichi.

Mon chéri/ my darling ; mon chouchou/ my favourite; mon chichi/ my whim – a “chichi” in French means yes and no at the same time, to be a bit of a sucker, and at the same time to stop – it’s adorable – five minutes no more.

And to translate this agitated sea that are our emotions of love, it was necessary to draw from all the dances –
The classical dance: are you surprised? are you seduced, sir who pleases me?
Tango: are you finally going to admit that you love me, madam who pleases me?
The street dances: but…. you, sometimes, irritate me, my darling
Cabaret dancing: I like you…. so much really.

Did you see how I’m causing you this? Me who dances anyhow and has no, but then none, nice love story to tell. That’s the magic of the text.

Each dance has its language, and as these two dancers are absolute masters, they were able to draw from each step of each dance a whole world of lovers that we understand instantly.

On stage, they put a tree and a light garland.
And not only that’s enough, but it gives just splendid stage effects. – I know, I’ve seen them.

They are generous, creative, they work like crazy to do what they want to do, and when you look at them, you’re just delighted, and you don’t see anything of their work. They are, great artists.

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Featured Image: Monchichi, Compagnie Wang/Ramirez.

Tous les mêmes : that’s the gift, for all those who still haven’t found love and have had instead stories … crap! 😀 right, those ones, I know.


The storm that will be blowing through my place from Tuesday is called Barbara – is that ironic or what? Will Barbara destroy the walls patiently rebuilt by Barbara? If the answer is yes, I cry.

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  1. This was completely unexpected. After reading the headline, I was thinking of “Monchhichi“, those Japanese stuffed monkeys from the 80ies. However, you presented something completely different and I loved it! Even though I had something else in mind. 😊
    The show was amazing and the chemistry between the two is fab!

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