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Video games / e.sport

Well…I have to come up with interesting ideas for e.sport in about 15 days.

I’m working on it.

For sure, I do.

Mon Dieu !

Here we go again for a trick in my brain – this time with a jackhammer, I’ll have to break it all down and start again better.

First of all, the point: e.sport, for the moment, I have reserved it for maximum use during the Impossible Festival. According to those who will win, the history that structures the Festival will change.
I think this idea is totally brilliant – so I’m keeping it.

Oui – in French : une idée géniale, parfaitement madame monsieur. Géniale.

Once I’ve thrown myself some flowers, it means that, if I leave it like that, Altair will resort to e.sport competitions once every ? 7 years? – and that’s all rotten.

The timing for now is: First year of Altair – we launch the Festival with calls for artistic projects that are …as good as my idea, I rest a little bit and 7 years later, bam, launch of the Festival, and relaunch of Altair just when people got used to this theatre.
I’m also quite happy with the set-up – and you wouldn’t want me to work myself to death, would you?

I know, you don’t care.

So that means I’m putting e.sport on the line after 7 years. Okay, that’s not good, it’s too long.

I have two options:
1 – I keep the original use of e.sport for the Festival. As a result, I’m bringing the date of the Festival forward – I’m not resting at all – but Altair is bursting into the gaming world like a furious something.

It’s not bad – but I lose my boost when the theatre starts purring like an old cat.

2 – I find a new idea (but I’m really going to die!) to exploit e.sport – we’re launching e.sport competitions on a mode: you’ll see, it’s going to be cool and we’ll blow them all away when they realize that their part will be fundamental during the Festival. By the way, it also allows us to launch some kind of selections and team building – and thus attract players faster and keep them with us.

That’s better. But I have to come up with an idea.


This has been censored by myself

What I don’t want:
– competitions detached from shows and Altair used even as a venue. Never, I prefer to die.
– an “annual festival” – I hate it, it bores me to death I don’t understand how we can bear to do the same thing every year, and say that it’s an incredible event. Slippers are useful for feet when it’s cold. Not on the head.

I move forward.
So I need: shows + multiplayer games + ?

Well – I attack differently. There are a lot of games that are played in e.sport and a good part of them will not be used for Altair.

Above all, then, get back to the basics:
I don’t know how much you know about e.sport, but it’s not at all ‘played’ real sports competitions – If you want to have a precise idea of what it is in real time, check out esportsearnings.com – you’ll get a very, very complete overview.
Sport is about being a great video game player – the best if you can be.

In the most popular e.sport games of the last few years you will find :
Counter Strike, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, DOTA 2, PlayerUnknonwn’s Battlegrounds (yes it’s a game), Hearthstone-Heroes of Warcraft (a kind of suite adapted from WoW).

For these games, you will find a full tide of pro-gamers. They have a real notoriety in the world of video games.

These games don’t all have the same mechanisms: you have FPS (first-person shooter), battle arenas, Battle Royal, card games (so no, no, I can’t play that, I won’t have anything to do with something like that on my own), and real-time strategy games – which fashionable people like to call RTS games. (fashionable ? for video games ??? well, yes.) – that is, basically, five different ways to play.

Are you still with me?

In the place of: Altair-shows, these distinctions don’t interest me too much, I’m going to focus on narrations and themes, so as to find shows that can easily fit into these games.

In the place of : Altair-audience development, these distinctions interest me a lot, because to each type of game corresponds a universe of players who specialize more or less – or even are totally monomaniacal about one type of game.
As a result, drawing from each type of game allows me to significantly broaden my audience.

Now, how do I relate this to my proposals?

I have the Team vs. Team games in my sights, they are the “easiest”. This designation corresponds to both FPS and Arena games.

I’ll have to think about games in Battle Royal mode, but right now… I’m working on it.

There are the adventure games. There will be. Some are already in e.sport : the RTS games.

Sports games, racing games… ? yes – I have a guy – but a guy won’t be enough I think. It will be one shot at best. A guy, for a show of course.

Games with cards… I don’t know.

I have to find links as natural and obvious as the one I found for the Impossible Festival.

I’m going to do something stupid, but that works for me: I’m going to get “in it”.
It’s will be a bit long, but as long as I’m not in it, playing, I can’t find anything at all.

Well, before I leave you for tonight, what I know is that we’re playing to play. The pro-gamers only became pro-gamers at the end of the process and that’s good for them.
But everyone else plays for the love of the game and that’s it.
So I’m going to avoid at the outset all the rotten pitfalls of: but why would they play? What do you give them in return? – I give them the game.

So I play and tomorrow I’ll tell you what I’ve been thinking about in adventure games – because there are so many of them, they have a crazy potential and they’re not exploited enough yet.

I hope you note the terrible sacrifice I make on the altar of Work. I’m going to spend a whole night playing multiplayer. I hope to have at least one medal at the end. The Medal of Merit.

okay… I’m sorry !

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