James Carter Organ Trio

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Jazz tonight – no innovations, no genius, no illuminations – no, tonight’s program is the beautiful sound of the saxophone.

After some very strange days, don’t we need the splendor and the quiet calm of the Sax? I don’t know for you – but I do.
It has been a very strange day here. It is not the fear of disease that agitates my country, it is the fear of terrorism, the fear of hate. What a weird atmosphere then begins to reign between us.

I thought a lot today about my splendid younger twin sister, who has done me the honor and the joy of choosing me, among so many others, as her heart sister. My very beautiful Saba with her so shining heart, what madness takes them all , my sweet ?

I will not talk about politics or religion. These are not my subjects – but today, in my country where incredible hatreds arise, I thought of my sister – and I was happy that she was far from it.

Since my weapons are those of the arts, of joy and sharing, it is in honor of all those who love to live, who love the gift of life, that I wanted to share this music, this artist who, when he plays, talks about other artists – and tells you that others are so much greater than he is.
It’s very touching – because he really means what he says.
It’s beautiful, this amazing modesty of the greatest, those who don’t care about being ‘someone’, but who care about giving their best to others. I am not very often moved – but in this case, every time I am.

There are – fortunately – dozens and dozens of huge jazz musicians.

So I didn’t know James Carter or his band – they have been programmed for this year’s Festival Jazzèbre, in my pretty little town of Perpignan –
And there, listen to this happiness – I was – I am – illuminated by these sounds :

What I’m going to say now is because I take my “pros” at their word :
they say that James Carter is a sax monster, for all the reasons you want and because he plays like a god of all types of saxophones, from soprano to bass baritone – and that’s wonderful, a pure time of pleasure. Afterwards, looking at his biography, ah yes there’s something to be impressed about …. But that’s not really the most important thing – what he offers us is so much more valuable.

And with that, he is just a “crazy fan” of Django Reinhardt, and he manages to place beauties, precious treasures, of his idol in all his concerts :

This is a “bonus gift” – the subtitles are in English, yes I paid attention to you.

Isn’t it too good to listen to such beautiful music, when the weather gets cold and you don’t know what’s going well?

I really wanted to share this with you, these so warm sounds of the saxophone, these melodies that always have like a sun in the background, that lighten us and give us tenderness, even when we don’t know where to look for it.

Do I have to say that I can’t imagine Altair without its Jazz programming? Without its programming of such powerful instruments as brass instruments? And this is programmed in the middle of the night, of course – but no, I can’t always break the rules.

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Featured Image : James Carter – Blue Note Records – Blue Note ! such a famous label for the greatest jazzmen / Long day , small post but music instead, and music to warm your heart – please, have a nice night & day.

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