Fifa & Sports games

Video Games

The population – especially men – who don’t know anything about video games are at least familiar with virtual sports games.
You say: Fifa – and they are delighted to have, but yes miss, a link with you.

Fifa, Fifa, you can play your favorite team, right? Can we finally replay the Final where those damned Italians cheated like bastards and dared to take Zidane away from us? Play Galatasaray?
Yes man, you can surely do that.

For a girl, it’s ultra-practical. With just one word, you’re sure to look like the most extraordinary girl in the world, a girl who plays Fifa, seriously, she’s gorgeous.

❤ ❤ ❤

Sorry guys.

Today, it is the troll post.

You don’t think I’m playing this? I’m a girl.
I like what is beautiful, sweet, delicate, charming.
I play smart games that teach me things and make me a better person – and toc.
& I lie a lot when I feel like it, and I don’t care.

I hadn’t done that one yet, had I?
Hey, wait : I lasted two years – not a troll post, nothing : clean – serious – almost perfect, well… I admire myself.

But now – impossible to resist.
Me, playing a soccer game? Or golf? but you dream, never.

I’m tender and fragile.
I would be interested in that if Altair exists. Maybe.
In the meantime, wait – I’m working for free – all right, I’m not even sure I’m capable of being interested for money.
It’s a way to find me deeply asleep in my old stoned sofa with the joystick in the hand – and at the first slightest noise, I know I’ll answer /I’m able to answer in my sleep, it’s a really useful ability/ : yes, yes, I’m working on it, I’m working on it.

If you want a second of seriousness in this disaster that I dare to make you read today (and besides I find it funny) – I have no worries about this subject.
I know these are ultra-popular games, so we’ll have to work on them.
I have no doubt that there will be enough people in the team who will be able to find me a masterful show that will fit too well with Fifa – and it will be my vacation year. That’s it – I’m not going to work like a donkey all my life.

All right, I admit. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for breaking so many dreams in one article: I’m not perfect.

To make it up to you, I promise you that tomorrow – it’s going to shatter neurons – I swear.

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