A what?

an AA App ?


But what for?

Apart from this utility detail, at least in French, it sounds good : “an AA App” – we don’t know what it means, but it hums, it’s nice.

Let’s go back to this idea that came to me in a wild way.
I must remind you, to be honest, that I absolutely hate almost all the famous “social networks” and Applications that are useless even more.
I should at least shut up forever on this subject.

It’s indisputable – and I’m not arguing about it.
So I’m off to daydream about an app that could amuse old grunts like me.

I had gotten started on the subject – knowing that I was just putting ideas in bulk, as if they were in draft form

I’d noticed that Applications that work are always based on a very clear and simple principle

Then I had to identify the ultra-simple and ultra-clear principle that could give life to my pretty & useless application. So easy.

I admit that, by no longer going to work in the theatre, and spending my days catching the devil to steal three pennies from him – I’m losing a bit the link with the world of the performing arts – which is very, very sleepy in France these last few months.
And so, running after the demon, I began to regret the time when I spent my evenings at the theatre to “watch” the audience & when I didn’t look at my credit card with concern from the 15th. Thus I thought back to the very, very, very famous “show must go on”. At the moment, the show must continue to be turned off – no comment -.

I’m not telling you this so that you can admire my legendary ability to steal money from the devil – but because that’s exactly when I received a new enlightenment, straight out of my shock with the demon destroying my bank account. It annoys me so much that I think of lots of other things much funnier than: oulala be careful ma’am, the end of the month is going to be tough – so this week : the useless App.

Show must go on.

I’ve seen circus performers, in their thirties, with chicken pox that twisted them in half, and over 40 with fever : on stage – the whole company had caught chicken pox. And Romeo who breaks his knee before scene 1, nobody noticed it.

It’s a simple order, isn’t it? Show must go on – so, when you don’t know the behind-the-scenes stuff, it almost sounds nice.

This is a simple order for artists.
But what simple order is there for the public?

Show must be shared.

hum, okay : show must be shared.

A simple order – precise – clear –
Only one instruction: Share the Shows.

– I’m the one who’s writing this – when I think of all those times I’ve been the gendarme of images: madam, your phone please – yes, I’ve seen you, you’ve photographed the artists ….

I have the background. Yes.

But it’s not fun.

It’s not completely silly – but it’s not fun. For it to be fun, I have to put on some kind of game. Well… let’s dig. (I’m having a lot of fun with all the new words I’ve been learning these last few months, it’s true – I’ve never learned “dig” before, what’s the point in life of knowing how to say “creuser” in English ? Nothing at all, I’m not going to move to England to dig holes either).

What do people do when they come out of a show? They give their opinion.
So be careful – and I’m no exception to the rule: in this case, the audience has as much vocabulary as the guys at the communication agencies: Great – Suck – and three synonyms for each option. It’s downright pitiful – but since it’s spoken, it doesn’t matter. – no comment on the lexical ability of the guys in communication agencies.

Okay – so maybe we could play with that, with words.
I’ve had time to notice that most people love words – especially when they’re very old words – or they sound very ‘excellent education‘ – or they’re a little off topic, but in the end, it’s fun & great.

So: I take a picture of a show / a little video if it’s possible / a great selfie – a picture.
Then I choose from a closed list of words, a list given by the App: as long as I haven’t used all the words, I’m stuck > the game consists of placing all the words
In French, I have whole pages of it – in English, no, but in English, there will be lots of people who master it.
The idea is this : to have words that are a little strange, a little old, a little out of context, a little offbeat – and associate them with your sharing of the show.
It will change us from: great – amazing – incredible – horrible – boring – vomiting which are words so used that they’ve lost all their meaning.

For example, for Hakanai, I could paste: geometric.


And then explain if I want – or not if I don’t want. Obviously, I don’t have to.

We can also try it with all those little emoticons that our phones are full of and that are useless at all: how many times have you used: the whale? the cucumber? the grandfather? the shoes? in your text messages? seriously? who thought of putting those and who sends them?
This is a girl thing – but challenge yourself: find the most offbeat and awesome emoticon for this show that works.

Afterwards, the relationship between a whale and a show – I don’t think so – apart from being ultra-evil – that’s not my style at all – but why not.
We would then have two modes of play: a shared show + a word in a list / or: a stupid emoticon in another list.
And of course, the lists would be changed regularly, so we’d also have to be able to use the 300,000 panels that are useless in our phones.

Of course, the artists would have to agree to let go of their ‘sacred image during the performance’ – outside, yes, each to his or her own life. During …. well… if they don’t want to, we’ll be stuck sharing the title associated with a panel – but that would be bad comm’ for the artists.

Here I find the idea funny – and since even I could have fun with it, I think it has a chance of working.

With that, as I was going to open it up to all the experiences I had through Altair, Virtual Reality and side quests – it even has a chance to really work.

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Featured Image : from Who framed Roger Rabbit – directed by Robert Zemeckis. You don’t care – and you’re right – but it’s my first paid job: the first time I’m alone in a projection booth and I was the projectionist. Those reels of film were pretty heavy – but I loved the film. I was just 18 years old, and I stopped having a serious life before I even started.

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    1. πŸ˜€ oh oui !!!! je vote pour πŸ˜€ It was so obvious! How could I not have thought of it ???? πŸ˜€ I love that, I’m keeping it ❀ It will bring happiness to the entertainment world, the A of Ashok Uncle. ❀

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