I’m a cat.

Programming / to stage.

Well, obviously not me. Not even the author.
I am a cat is a Japanese novel, written by Natsume Söseki, between 1905 and 1906.

If you don’t know anything about Japan – which is my case – and even less about the entry into the ultra-modern era of Japan – which was even more my case – you shouldn’t miss this story.
If you imagine the Japanese all with their big Samurai swords, all serious to fall off their chairs, all precious to astonish my cats – then this story will knock down all your preconceptions.

So it’s a story told by a cat.
The cat adopted – sorry – is adopted by the teacher Kushami and becomes a member of the family.

Because he is a cat, he thinks he has divine right – and is indignant at the way he is treated.
And because he is a cat, he goes exactly where he wants to go: no places forbidden to a cat.

That’s when the story gets really interesting.
The cat goes to the Japanese baths with his master – and there, how shall I put it? The vision of strange crayfish all splashing around at the same time telling things that are stupid but in a serious tone – that’s the cat’s vision.

The hours of intellectual work shared with his master teacher give: they work together, in the ‘sacred office’ – the door is closed. The master puts the book on his table. The cat lies down next to the book and he and the master sleep deeply – to soak up the knowledge that is in the book – it is like an infusion, but in a special way.

This unbearable animal can’t help but go and see the girls of the house – and you will know all about the Japanese ladies of the time – and especially everything about their combs, about their inability to share poor fish balls, about their infernal hypocrisy – how they caress him, they say they love him and don’t even let him sleep peacefully in the best place? Bitches, that’s what that women are.

As for the cat’s ideas about rich people being stingier than squirrels in distress, about intellectual waves that only shine after two bottles of sake, you have to listen to him to believe it.

In short, this chat allows a commented walk in a Japan that is completely true, completely funny, completely human, full of nonsense, anecdotes, scenes that follow one another.

How to stage this? Especially not by filming – you’ve seen the catastrophes of certain adaptations – I’m thinking of Death Note
Not everything is suitable for the cinema.
I’m a cat can easily suit our living performance stage, because the scene has the visual means to adapt it.

And since the main character is a cat …., how about a walk in Virtual Reality, on your pads, in the rooftops of Tokyo?

& since these are little adventures every time, I, Altair’s girl, have an incredible supply of little Japanese stories to stage – and just as many little adventures in virtual reality.

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Featured Image : print by Kazuaki Horitomo

As in a few hours I leave for Provence to play and cherish these little cousins that I absolutely adore, you will have for at least two days, stories of Provence and Santons.

10 Thoughts

  1. I am just in marvel!!!
    (FF loves Japanese culture)
    This line though….it may be better than the story!!!! “rich people being stingier than squirrels in distress”
    I am intrigued. I “love” this!!!!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Merci ! And yet, today, I’ve done everything running, I’m late, nothing’s ready, I’m leaving in 6 hours, everything’s in a mess – I haven’t even read it again – but I like this story and I think it would be great adapted with a Japanese print decor and shadow theatre and puppets and musics – it could be a real marvel.

      Liked by 1 person

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