A Rogue Escape

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This game interests me mainly for two reasons:
firstly because it will be a virtual reality game & it will require one or the other of the following equipment : Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Index Valve or Oculus Quest – and I’m very keen to keep an eye on what’s going on in the field, as they are more creative than the others.
and second, of course, because of its theme.

As its name suggests, we’ll have to run away and it won’t be easy.
And as its name doesn’t indicate, we’ll have to run away through the sea – but under water.

It’s a game, in virtual reality, where we’re going to find ourselves in a submarine, with all the dreadful creatures you can find in the abyss of the sea, of course.

The game will be released in the course of 2021, but we already know what we’ll have to do :
> run away – and a nod to my favorite manga character Joseph Joeystar : manage to get into the submarine and run away with it.
Nobody tells you what to do.
No one tells you what the order is for.

You find yourself in front of an army of levers, wheels, buttons, screens…. totally obscure to you and it’s off to: open the sluice gates – sink to the bottom – float like an ugly cork and have the hull torn apart by the rocks – not manage to renew the air – in short, a great trip to the land of the galley as we like them in video games.

The Virtual Reality side obviously interests me a lot, since I am very interested in knowing how the different movements of the player will be managed – and how the different dreadful events that are bound to happen to us – Claustrophobic, don’t play.

The few reviews I have read are enthusiastic – even if it seems that the famous submarine will rather be a bathyscaphe, because we will be alone on board, and nobody (????) operates a submarine alone. Now, from my point of view as a literary girl, we are in an expert dispute.

As for the theme… then there, what a pleasure!
The submarine! Nemo & 20,000 leagues under the sea !!!! Nemo and in its wake the kilotons of stories that have been written, drawn, played, filmed, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being one of the must-haves on the subject.

Tales of modern-day pirates and adventurers – and don’t tell me it doesn’t play on a theatre stage: a submarine is just perfect, since the place is enclosed.

& what about all the stories about the first submarines on the American coasts during the Civil War? The CSS. HL Hunley, with human mechanical propulsion, which succeeded for the first time in sinking a ship afloat?

And the others? Do you remember those strange boats, on the water’s edge, often surmounted by a steam-powered chimney and so protected by their metal armor that the balls bounced off them?

What about all the stories about German U-boats? This horrible and terrible war of the seas that took place during the Second World War – which gave rise to a lot of stories, mostly forgotten and therefore perfect to reappear on the occasion of these famous links to be created for Altair.

-> Learn more about A Rogue Escape, developed by the Italian studio Spare Parts Oasis and published by Armor Games Studios.

In the series: stay in childhood, this game is just beautiful and can only lend itself to be declined in all forms of possible shows. Don’t you think so? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read it so far.

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Featured Image : generic image of the game : A rogue Escape

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