The Ghost Game – 2

Communication / The AA App.

The Ghost Game, Version 2, in mode: The Return of the King – here is the most astonishing game invented since – …. no, all right- it’s a joke.
This is only the continuation of my draft on this game to be adapted in a digital version.

I will write a final version of the A.A. App later – in the end.
In the meantime, the Ghost Game is an Escape Game in virtual mode.

In an Escape Game, your big concern is to get your very carnal person out of a trap just as concrete as you are.

Version Altair – it’s about getting your very virtual person out of a trap …. actually a little concrete.
But it’s only a question of playing your nickname and your avatar/pictogram.

Let me remind you the principle: at the beginning you lost. At the end, all you have to win is to get back your initial bet. Otherwise, all hell will rain down on you.
This is played in limited time
Your name appears at the beginning, then disappears little by little, according to your answers, and reappears also according to your wrong answers: your name is your ghost.

Since it’s a game I played in reality, I was left with the certainty that my players had to win in the end.

But since I’m a kind of dog that chews its bones, I started chewing this one, thinking about it in a virtual version – and wondering if it wouldn’t be fun, after all, to let the players lose.

But then, lose what? What would be the pledge?
I don’t want people to lose money – the purpose of the AA App is to provide indirect and permanent advertising for Altair.
Then I wondered what people care about, when they’re in fashion: yes ma’am, I hang out on the internet ma’am, I’m a geek me ma’am.

They have to be able to “play”, to “bet” , both something that they care about – otherwise it’s not an engaging game – and something that doesn’t cost them money – otherwise we won’t have a lot of players and not the ‘fun’ side. And also, if Altair loses… we shouldn’t start handing out seats, benefits and what else? You see the problem?

Well actually, the solution is totally obvious.
Did you figure it out?
If you found it, I’ll erase your name from the Ghost Game.
Otherwise you stay with me on Altair, which is slowly becoming a ghost ship.

All right. I’m sorry. No, I’m not 😀

What people care about in ‘virtual’ ,’app mode’ etc., is their nickname and pictogram. Dare to tell me that’s not true.
It doesn’t cost a penny – the damage wouldn’t be so bad.

Got it? You lose, Altair takes your nickname and your pictogram.
So there, as a dirty troll joke, this one I love.
No more being Zuzuz/flower, Thaunenfào/death head etc….
No no : lost is lost.
Instead, you will be Ghost number X / avatar: Altair-ghost.

That’s it, now I love the game.

Of course, you won’t have lost forever – the replacement could last, I don’t know, between fifteen minutes and an hour maximum.
But in the meantime, every time you’re on the net, you’re Ghost No. X / Altair-Ghost: and now, as a huge advertisement for Altair, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I’m going to be a teacher in communication schools myself, they have no funny ideas, these people, for 45 years at least.

Don’t tell me it’s not technically possible – of course it’s possible.
Obviously players are warned before they play.
Of course they will play.
And I bet my cat that they will love to lose.

Can you imagine that? For an hour, here, you are no longer your nickname – but Ghost n°56454/ Altair Purple Ghost.

I know there are some technical problems
No – there are some issues of civility with the different platforms – it’s not about being the horrible hakers of the net – but I remind you that my audience, the ones I want to play with and that I want to make people love the entertainment world, are them, the geeks, the modders, the little kings of the computer world who make you smiley face “viruses” that last 3 minutes – no more.

This is the game at its best.
Otherwise you can lose your nickname simply on the AA App – it’s much less fun – but it’s so much, but yes ma’am you have to become a little more adult, so much more reasonable.

And because of this, this desire to lose in order to “win” the Altair ghost for a limited amount of time, it simplifies the programming of the ghost game very much – since there is no longer any question of introducing cheats that prevent players from losing. And that it can work very, very well with ‘random’ questions about current shows, famous artists, etc.

That’s it – I’m thrilled – and I’m voting for the loss of the nickname on all platforms… yes, okay – it’s not serious.

Home Page

Featured Image : from Pac-Man…. of course…

*** From 5:20:49 ( Im’ precise, hmm ? ) of continuous play, the guy explodes the Matrix: frankly, it’s worth a look, the player achieves a totally epic feat from there – Neo goes to plant flowers, Agent Smith dissolves who knows where and he doesn’t know where either – it remains the player and … the tamed game.

… this end then there, the end, I have only one thing to say: Hats off, guys!

He must be mad as hell to play Pac-Man for so long – and as well – but it’s crazy as hell, Sheogorath way !

5 Thoughts

  1. Fartfist make Sheogorath look like a bank teller.

    I like this, and you are right- people will play, and love to lose. It could be a symbol of status among community. “you have to see the next one”
    I am anxious to see this “ghost game” LIVE.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. If it happens, the bet is won, and by a large margin. That’s the goal. I believe that this application is the lever to make Altair really work. I’m a little anxious to see it too. This way, I stop working. I can stop working anyway, at some point? no? yes yes! 😀 Merci !!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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