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Today: video game. Theme : piracy.

Yes – I’m childish.
Okay, it’s a bit old-fashioned.
But it’s a game from the Assassin’s Creed license – and it’s the game in which all the ship mechanics were set up.

Okay, when Skull & Bones comes along, Black Flag will surely be forgotten.
But what a hell of a game!
The game that anyone in their right mind – and then those in their foolish mind ..I don’t even mention them – has dreamed of, necessarily.

You will find the whole universe of the Caribbean Sea – but not in the Sea of Thieves comic book way, no, the ultra-realistic way of the Assassin’s Creed series :

The vaguely controlled anarchy of the Caribbean islands – the Spanish, the English, the Dutch, the French, those in uniform and those who have unscrewed and left everything behind to live a life of adventure, blood and plunder.

The mythical cities from the tales of piracy: and there you are, you walk around in them, under a blazing sun, incredible vegetation, with absolute colors, the terraced roofs on which you will get lost, the market stalls that would just make you want to eat a mango and three guavas, with a pineapple and those tiny bananas that you can only find there. Sugar canes, creeks, huge ships covered with sails, cannons, pirates, buccaneers, brigands, raving lunatics, drunkards at every corner: that’s what awaits you ashore.

And your boat… so in the beginning it doesn’t break three legs of a duck, that’s true. You wonder how it doesn’t barely sink when it’s afloat. You feel like your cannon is going to pierce the planking – but you still have a boat, and a crew recruited from the docks, the old-fashioned way.

The crew doesn’t look any better than the boat – between the lame, the lazy, the rum-soaked drunks, and the novices, you feel like you’re not yet the wolf of the seas.
As you are not immediately famous, you will have to go and board boats even less famous than you are: needless to say, the catches are a bit pitiful.

But well, it costs money to improve the ship, so you’ll take every job that comes along – and here you are looking for alligators to sell their skins, getting lost in jungles to find clues that will one day lead to a treasure, accepting deals with pirates even more dishonest than you : in short, a truly great and beautiful game, in which your main objective will be to have a damned good ship that will allow you to scour the seas and be a pirate at the level of Blackbeard – who will become a buddy, by the way.

It may be an ”old-fashioned” game, but it is the heart of all the naval battles in the series – and it has enchanted the real hearts of all players who love the sea. In the other opuses, you sail better from Black Flag – but never so epically.

So what then? What do I, Altair, do with this game (a beloved game, it’s true).
But ? obviously, I use it.

First of all, I can get all my street artists into it.
That’s the first point.
Then I can bring in a nice competition in – in the side quests – don’t forget that this game has a realistic dimension, and when the reality, I have dozens and dozens of shows that don’t need much to be adapted to a phase of the game.
And finally, since I have to be sadistic – and since the characters derived from Altair (yes Altair is also – mostly – the name of the first character in the Assassin’s Creed series) spend their lives climbing unbelievable heights and then throwing themselves into haystacks – so not sending my Virtual Reality spectators to climb and throw themselves, it would really be a beginner’s mistake.

And since I definitely have a distorted mind, and a horrible sense of humor – on top of that, I’ll add a cannonball to make up for it.

And I’m only half joking.
Someone will have to explain to me how, in a series on the theme of piracy, I won’t program this – and the date doesn’t matter to me: we’ve all noticed that recordings allow immense artists to stay alive as artists, with us.

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Featured Image : Black Flag – Assassin’s Creed IV – Ubisoft – 2013

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