The Nest

Programming / Very young audience.

Some magazines had as a slogan: for readers between 7 and 77 years old.
7 years is late for the theatre – let’s move on to 7 months.
And since 7 months doesn’t sound good, let’s open our doors from 6 months.

Yes, I’m serious.
Yes I guarantee that this kind of show exists.
Yes, I guarantee that this very young audience is completely amazed and remains immersed in its first contact with the world of show business – without screaming or anything like that.

No, no, the little ones listen with all their ears wide open, look as if they were drinking from a wonderful spring and forget – I swear – all their worries: drinking and eating, having a hug, having a toothache, a stomach ache, being a little afraid: all that is forgotten. For a time only.

Obviously, the story is very very simple: what can be found in a nest, and especially in a very cozy nest?

Nothing? What do you mean, nothing?
Not at all.
In a nest, at one moment, we will find an egg.

And it will even be a pretty wooden girl who will find this egg.
But it’s not just any egg.

On the stage, a violinist and a lyric singer.
And in the huge and very sweet nest, at some point, maybe because of the violin? or because of the song? or because of both? it doesn’t matter, at some point will arrive, magically, an absolutely enormous egg, that our two artists transformed for a time into “mother goose” will brood with love.

The show is very short: because it is adapted to its audience.
When we receive babies, obviously, it is a mom and baby show ( or dad and baby, nanny and baby, we won’t quibble).
When they are older – attention, not so much older seen from our ages to us – but so much older seen from their ages to them, then they will have the right to enter the nest and try all the little forms of sound creativity that this element of the set proposes, which can also be a percussion instrument…

This show was created by the Company Theater De Spiegel – which specializes in artistic creations for children – and it is worth a visit to their site.
Here is the link: Theater De Spiegel

That’s it – tonight it was: a little moment of sweetness, after the fury of the knights, pirates and madmen who have been occupying my mental universe for some… time.

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Featured Image : from the show : The Nest, by the Company Theater De Spiegel.

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