The Rope

Programming / Circus.

As the rope is a symbolic object understood by all humanity, it has become an object used in art.
& the art that interests me today is the Circus.

I remember there was a time when the “directors of culture” were surprised that in our circus performances there were so many ropes?

Well yes, rope and circus arts go well together.

We can vary according to all the symbolism of the rope: the ties between two and the difficulties of loving.

or the little path that you make all alone, on your little rope that you try to climb, and you fall down, you hang on as you can, you go up, you start again – and it is this path that is beautiful :

We can take over the great balancing acts and then watch out – it takes a whole troupe and that everyone really really trusts each other.
I know, artists get bad press, they’re easily taken for jokers who are not serious people – look at them, and ask yourself how much confidence you have to have in others and in yourself to get into this business :

As for that performance – then this one, it’s a childhood breath of fresh air that came back into my ears and into my heart: the music of the show, this incredible troupe, these artists who are so great stuntmen: a real crush!

And after all, a rope is also used to create knots.
And when they’re navy knots… they’re impossible to untie !

almost impossible – right 🙂

Do I still tell how strange – funny I don’t know – it can be to be propelled through the air by the magic of these circus strings and by the clever and mocking spirit of the engineers who developed Virtual Reality?
No – I just find it obvious.

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