The Love for 3 oranges


The love for 3 oranges is above all a play that does not exist.
Well – it exists and it does not exist.

You don’t believe me?
Of course you do.

No – I was not mistaken.

Yes – I’m having a little fun.

All right – I’ve already written and these lines and this title. Me ? I’m so lazy, me ? No.

Philadelphia Opera – 2019

And no, no no : it’s not the same show.
So – Watson, a little light, please, dear ? > it’s another show with the same name.

Then today, the second piece of my old Italian treasure: the Opera.
Yes, yes, an opera on the same canvas.

The music is by Prokofiev, the lyrics are in French, because we are very good at talking about love, especially when that love is stupid – but we managed to make the whole world believe that we were a romantic people -.

It begins with a chorus “battle”: those who advocate Tragedy – seriousness – life as an immense struggle from which all lightness is excluded, against those who speak of laughter, lightness, carelessness.

“We don’t want to think but to laugh”

All this to announce the state of mind of the young Prince: he is devoured by the Tragedy.
Will he die from it?
Fortunately, the comedy is there.
And there we go in the joyful anything that my French soul loves so much.

I can’t resist offering you the version of the Paris Opera in 2006 – because it’s rather excellent – because it has English subtitles – and because I’m not just going to rummage through the MET archives.

The King becomes the King of clubs – thank you Alice – and then everything gets mixed up, we go from the wonders of Lewis Caroll to the pants of the Commedia, we add a pinch of fantasy in the English style, of love in the French style, and the result is a totally amazing opera – by the form and by what it tells us.

Of course, this completely non-epic story of falling in love with three oranges remains the heart of the story.
Obviously, it can’t be very serious.

And since the composer is Prokofiev, expect a masterful piece.
Each character has his own instrument and melodic motif – his musical trace, which illuminates his character in a most astonishing way.

And if, as in the piece, you have to find three oranges, this time there will be two that will be peeled: too bad, there were princesses in it.
So saving the third one will become quite important, it would still be a pity to celebrate love at just One – it would be an adventure to plunge our prince into the abyss of the darkest depression and this time he would not come out of it.

And busy saving his orange from the vegetable peeler, he begins to forget the great tragedies that had so impressed him: you will agree with me, you can’t have your head in all at once in life.

And… I don’t know if you remember one of our ticket proposals – it was a kind of game, offering to listen to the soundtracks and choose your show with the soundtrack instead of choosing with the title, artists’ names and so forth.

If you wish to get a concrete idea of this proposal, please play with this excerpt.
I’m sure – sure and certain – that it will tell you something.
And almost sure that you would have selected this show, in blind-test mode.

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Featured Image :The Love of Three Oranges – directed by Fernando Calzadilla

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