A Quest called Share

& Love

Communication / Gaming.

First of all, I begin again with my oratory precautions.
All that follows is almost impossible.

Not for technical reasons – it’s very easy.
For – shall I say – financial reasons. Do this and pay for the rest of your life.
That is the current rule.

I don’t like a priori rules – and I don’t like stupid and counterproductive rules at all.
This one is stupid and counterproductive – so I’m going to bend it.
But – I say it again – for now – without having found the trick to dissolve it – it will not be possible.

That’s okay ? So, this is the continuation of my revelation of yesterday – I’m in the AA App, and very precisely in my new quite outrageous game, that will make it work like thunder. Yes – thunder, yes.

As a reminder – and here I’m taking up again but then without embarrassment or shame – the double principle of Fallout Shelter, with a place to improve: the theatre – and quests to improve the place and make it the most beautiful theatre in the world on your phone.

Quests are an amazing mechanic, because they allow for absolute action/achievement mobility. Everyone will be able to find the quests to their liking – and since the goal is not to recall a great video game but a future great theatre, we will be able to really diversify them and use smartphones in all their silly, not to say completely useless, details.

This quest, which I have nicely called: Share and Love – is one of the really important elements of my A.A. App.

Yes – I know – I said at the outset that it wasn’t possible. But I’ve also always said that I’m a naughty cheat and that I’m not ashamed of it at all.

So it’s not possible, and I still want to do it and I’m going to try to cheat.

This Quest won’t take place exactly “inside” the game – but in the “outside world” – in fact, I’m taking the Fallout guys at their word and really sending my players to the wasteland – not their avatars.
Okay, the wasteland is the world we live in now – but when you put it like that, yes ma’am, it’s real life, but it’s a pity.

I will turn you into showbiz adventurers, and that’s so much more fun.

The objective of the quest: a photo / a selfie if you want to be in the picture – your dog too if really it’s very important: of a show you loved, of an entertainment place you are too faithful to, of artists you met. You can share movies if you’ve never been to a theatre – I’m not going to say that cinema sucks – festivals – e.sport tournaments – in short, everything you can find in Altair and elsewhere near you.
So far – nothing terrible to do. (yes yes I know… yes I do, I swear !!! )

You have to share the picture
Trying to make people enjoy the show that you liked
& enjoy yourself the photos and shows posted by other AA App users

At the end of the week – I take the template of the weekly quest – the 4 most loved and most shared photos. And then…

Look :

I didn’t choose this picture by chance.
Keep it well in the background.
You’re in the Fallout Supervisor’s office : in the background there are posters – frames.
In your theatre director’s office, there will be posters – frames.
In those posters and frames will be the 4 most loved photos of the week. Easy – cool.

Okay, if you are totally narcissistic – or misanthropic – or what you want to be – you can of course disable this option.

And now, all right : you will tell me – and you will be right – that I will totally – but then totally – go against the very famous and precious and kept and used “image right”, “reserved image” and all and everything.
That is right.
I even spent part of my time in the theatre checking the cell phones of the spectators I had spotted: the images of the show are forbidden madam.

I know that.
Then, as far as I’m concerned, fighting against the sea is not my cup of tea.

How can I cheat with this so famous Rule ?

To manage this – and to allow everyone to understand that we have changed our mental universe – we will have to start exclusively with Altair and the artists, who will obviously have accepted the game.
This will give rise to the quest: me and the artists of the show ……. – on the performance site: Altair.

It’s an outrageous cheat: it will be in the contract.
And no chance not to accept – it will be in the contract and that’s it.
And no chance either that Altair will give money to artists and companies for that – on the contrary: this quest is basically a monstrous publicity for artists and the show.
I even wonder if we wouldn’t take money from it – but give it away? no way, no chance, no no no.

There’s a limit to this quest I’m not here to send millions of jokers to the pants of all the artists in the world nothing private: we need a framework for the show.
The idea is to make the most of people’s desire to take great pictures of themselves when they went to see a great show – when they spent time chatting with someone from the show etc: and so, instead of fighting against the sea – we use the sea to increase the publicity around the show / Altair and my nice game app.

Ah – and don’t tell me that only those around Altair will be able to participate.
Because Altair is going to offer virtual reality shows.
Go – yes I believe it – put shows in games – I never said I didn’t want screenshots – you found our artists in your game, while you were running like crazy towards your goal? Did you take the picture? Share – enjoy – complete the quest.

And there, if it works …. – if it works, all the pimpins screaming for their image will end up understanding that we’ve changed of world. Already because all those who have played the game will see themselves “under free publicity” particularly effective – and the others will not.
If it doesn’t work, we won’t try to experience this quest 40 years before we let go of it. But of course it will work.

I told you I would cheat.

To finish – let’s finish – a point about our phones and this quest: you have surely played a little with all the filters and effects offered on our phones to transform our photos.
And then you stopped playing with that – because most of these effects are a bit heavy by force.
And there’s no point, really.

So – if I go back to my fabulous Quest: Share and Love – where I ask for photos – I can ask for photos with any of the filters: the drawing effect – the charcoal effect – the I don’t know one , there are tons of them.
This also allows the passage to have photos distanced from the shows and artists who participate.

And we are, us, in the spirit of the times: sharing / loving.

Frankly – I like this quest.

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Featured Image : photographer & love story in Fallout Shelter.

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