Programming / Circus.

I’m putting my head on vacation tonight and I invite you to go to the hotel. En tout bien, tout honneur. Obviously. Of course. Evidemment. Madame ! We’re talking about shows.
Well – okay – sorry – it’s a little strange hotel.
In fact, it’s the idea of the hotel as seen by a circus troupe, who spent over 25 years hanging around from hotel to hotel, going from tour to tour.

It creates a show that must be absolutely jubilant to see – it was a monstrous success in Lyon just before … just before.
And it will surely make a monstrous success here at home, just after… that.

Want more details?

This is the show of Cirque Eloize‘s Immense troupe – they’re Canadian – they’ve already been to our venue, they’ve already wowed us and of course, we all want to see them again.

And here they got into the head of making a show with all the little adventures they had in their hotels, during their tours.

The decor ? well…. here we are in an Art Nouveau style hotel. Pretty and … old. But very old as we like it. There are hotels like that in Barcelona, everything is period – electricity and plumbing too. It’s magical and strange and you shower somewhere else.

It’s a troupe that pays real attention to the details of the set and frankly, it’s a pleasure to see.
Especially since they exploit this set – necessarily – and to the maximum, even more necessarily, they are circus artists, they know how to do everything these artists.

The story? So… it’s complicated … our artists arrive at the hotel … since they are playing tonight.
The head waiter is overwhelmed. The staff looks at them like curious and strange beasts. The guests do anything. The lovely, young & cute maid is always laughing, there are lovers, unlikely travellers – for example, have you ever spent time with a wig seller stuck there because he has no money to leave? Wouldn’t you want a wig, or two? They’re beautiful and so cheap. No ? What no ?

And then all these characters cross each other, bump into each other, fly away, kiss each other, counter-kiss each other, they all start to perform totally offbeat, totally mastered and totally burlesque.

Want to see a little?

Between the two, I confess a clear preference for the first video, made for a German theatre it seems to me – we have much more life and multitude of aspects of the show than in the second video, which is the teaser made by the company.
I’m not saying that it’s not good – I said that? not at all.
I’m saying … I’m saying what? I’m saying that it is too much oriented on one of the axes of the show – and that, as a result, it will certainly attract those who like the slow and poetic dimension of a circus show, those who like the link between circus arts and dance – but it won’t make anyone else want it. Or not too much – well, maybe I’m exaggerating?

Okay – I’m exaggerating – the teaser is fine – I wouldn’t have shared it otherwise.
And… I’m not telling you the trick.

No way, I will shut up 😀

Let’s start again…. Cirque Eloize is the new idea of the circus that is now increasingly appearing on our stages: a story is told that structures the whole show, that doesn’t need words – not every situation needs words – and, above all, performances that are linked, tuned to each other, to keep us in a totally exciting daydream.

These are real performances, don’t you agree?
In your opinion, what are the places that I, the totally childish and demonic spirit of Altair, would have chosen to place you in virtual reality?
In novice mode? In confirmed mode? In experienced mode? In heroic? legendary? infinite possibilities for the demonic kid that I am sometimes.
And it’s going to be really, really fun.

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Featured Image : from Hotel, by the Cirque Eloize Company.

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