The Caligula Effect

Video Game & Music / Oblivion

Caligula Effect is a Japanese video game/manga. Some video games, and one anime.
Nintendo announced at the end of February that Caligula Effect 2 will be released in the West this autumn.

There is everything of shônen manga in this game: the universe of the high school, the friends (the power of friends…. the so famous power of friends), the very serious narrative themes in the background, and a quite fantastic side in terms of perception of reality – as for the graphics – if you like manga you will be enchanted -.

So far, nothing to do with Altair.
The link is the music – and the founding theme of the game: Oblivion.

Here is the theme: an artificial intelligence has decided to save you (to save them, all these young people) by precipitating them into an “other world”, a true utopia – but this other world is only an illusion.
They now live only in virtuality.
The teenagers have had their memories erased, and they are victims of this magnificent illusion.
What makes the AI realize this is its voice: the music, in short – it is a kind of siren of modern times, which enchants and attracts you.
In the opus already released, each villain, each boss, had his own specific piece of music – and his song, with lyrics that matched his personality.
If you understand the song, you understand the boss. That’s the principle.

Of course, some young people manage to understand that they are victims of a golden trap and will undertake to break this illusion in order to return to reality.

Event if the trailer isn’t so great, good & whatever you want, the game isn’t finished yet and I’m interested in this next opus because it promises to be a particularly hard work on the music side.
And because of this, it will be so easy to offer the music on stage….

As for the part : Oblivion – obviously, it’s impossible to miss it, since it’s the heart of the game.
In The Caligula Effect 2, the AI is called Regret, and its new world: Redo – so… it allows you to ask a whole bunch of questions that you’re going to find in a whole bunch of live shows. Nice, isn’t it ?

As this game is very very promising… I couldn’t miss it!

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Featured Image : Caligula – the anime

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