Programming / Young audience.

Show for the little ones today : I.glu

I almost went to see this show, which would have been a little more convenient to tell you about.
So I’ll see it one day for sure.
I admit I didn’t understand at all how it was going to be staged, but the video is quite pretty, and the argument looks nice :

On the stage, dance, music and animation

There is four characters: a gardener, a scarecrow, a hedgehog, a sound alchemist and, finally, a dome placed in a digital garden. The dome proposes a visual experience with the deployment and the abundance of the plant motif, because it is a surface of projection and so of appearance of landscapes,

I feel like I’m not being clear.

If I understood the principle of this show correctly, the children will be invited to go up on the stage to visit the dome, in which the different characters will have created a vegetal and totally graphic world.

I must admit (sorry… ) that when I saw this video, I instantly thought of Pikmin.

Do you know this game series?
You find yourself planting pikmin which are all little plant characters and you are responsible for these little creatures with leaves and flowers that will help you in your quest to find the scattered pieces of your broken ship.

It’s a pretty tough game and quite adorable at the same time – where you’re so sorry that you inadvertently caused the death of your pikimins, either because you weren’t quick enough to get them back to safety, or because you weren’t strategic enough to prevent them from being eaten/burned/drowned ….

Yes I’m talking more about the game than the show – at the same time, the game I know, while the show I should have.

If I had to work on the show to make kids want to go see it, obviously I would have used Pikmin – at least for a few minutes. And I would have asked them to make a kind of difference game between the two: who takes better care of their plants? etc….

And no, I wouldn’t have used Animal Crossing – even though in Animal Crossing, the mindset can be quite similar – it’s just because I didn’t like that game at all and I never claimed to be in good faith. When I don’t like something, it’s bound to suck and be thrown down a hole.

As usual, the great advantage of shows for children is that there is no language problem – we talk to each other through music, images, gestures and everything goes very well.

With this, we can totally then propose to the children to redraw the gardener (if I can do it, they can too) – and to work on the graphic lines with a nice white pen that allows them to redraw the outlines of flowers and animals they like.

Since I haven’t seen the staging, I have no idea if there would be a way to invent a passage through the overly sweet Virtual Reality – but if it’s possible to do, it would be a very charming little trip for my congregation of young fireflies-wise kids for this time.

Well, in short, I.Glu is a whole little too-cute world that can be launched from this too-cute show too.
It feels good sometimes, doesn’t it, a mental break in a too-cute universe?

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Featured Image : I.glu by Collectif aaO

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