Gogol Bordello

Programming / Gypsy Punk

“bad, sick, sad, sick, sick, bad, sad sad sad, sick again, & bad and sad, and sick“, oh damn, what an atrocious ritornella – oh, wait, I forgot the 4th pearl – wait, wait, okay all right, I got it, so let’s go back – bad, sad, sick, poor, sad sad sad, pooooor, sick sick, too bad, too poor, so sad, bad sick sad poor … what a hell !

Oh, please, let’s throw this jingle over the mountains, let it blow away and sink into the sea, what do we care?

No, tonight, come, come, let’s dance

No, not a fancy dance at all
How do you expect me to dance the waltz? It’s far too complicated for a foolish girl who thinks of everything – but never of counting steps.
No, tonight, a dance anyhow, like at home. A dance where the men enter the dance with their arms outstretched, and… here we go, monsieur
a dance that you dance with your eyes closed, to be somewhere in the music, the rhythm, the laughters and the songs

A party not far from that :

Do you have the spirit?
Eugene Hutz is not only a guitarist
He’s the heart of a band that I literally love: The Gogol Bordello
And when I say heart, I’m not exaggerating: this guy – I’ve seen it with my own eyes – has a heart as big as the world, and he’s got it on his hand – he’s handing out tickets to his concert to all the people he’s laughed with, to all the skinny cats who’ve listened to him play in the street and thought: never for me, the Château Valmy, too posh for people like me – He doesn’t care about that, Eugene. He loves music, partying and dancing, and he shares, with his ever-dancing gait.

So let’s get started – first it will be about having purple to wear :

Ready ? now we can continue to dance any way we want while traveling the world – on the map there is my village, I was enchanted :

And since it’s punk – gypsy punk – by the middle of the night, we’ll also be able to spin and jump, jump, jump, you remember the pogo, that bully dance that you shouldn’t dance barefoot – too bad for me ! – oh – I’m sorry – pogo is not a sexy dance – nor is it a posh one – no – but it’s a damn’ energetic happy dance !

I tell you – as long as we dance, and you and I, all the ugly ritornellas will remain at the bottom of the abyss, indestructible are those who sing to life !

Well… since we have to pretend to finish, the last piece of this evening will be my two favorites from the Balkan Gypsy side :

You know, you see, this band, to set a room on fire, in a theatre, around a theatre – they are just totally perfect.

Joy & Dance everywhere : mission completed

Wonderlust King – Gogol Bordello

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two guys who brought Gogol Bordello to my mind yesterday – guys whose work I highly, warmly, especially, strongly – what else ? – recommend – first of all the whimsical Fartfist pronounced: whim see call – I can do it very, very slowly – normally, for me, it’s more like: whimscrcrcri?pftgrkkggzzg – but I’m not trying to speak fast.
And then this musician who is absolutely passionate about music, who shares his absolutely wonderful playlists as well : Man v Music If you are disappointed, you have the official right to come back and protest – but you won’t come back – not to protest – I bet a dance.

I win – I know.

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Featured Image : Gogol Bordello – Gipsy Punks – 2005

8 Thoughts

  1. haha thank you for the call out my friend. “If you are disappointed, you have the official right to come back and protest – but you won’t come back – not to protest – I bet a dance.” HAHA I LOVE IT! The world of punk is a marvellous place, nice to see your exploring its different niche segments within it; thanks for the share with this one! I always plan on learning more from the likes of yourself. Best wishes, Alex

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Please -it is a pleasure & it is really sincere ! – I have the chance to work (well… until we close) in a theatre and we are always looking for gems! so I share the “old” ones before I can see shows in real life… !

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ah I see, I get you. I like that idea for sure! Once you manage to reopen again, you should definitely showcase and advertise the up and coming theatre shows, start creating a buzz for it all. I’d like to see that!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, I totally agree with you. I met him when they came in concert here in France, this guy is quite shy, adorable, nice and above all, he only likes music. And his music is just a bomb of joy, laughter, courage and energy.


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