Lucia di Lammermoor

Programming / Opera

How to resist?
The song is so beautiful – so here is the entire opera, Lucia di Lammermoor.

It is a pure tragedy – a Shakespearean tragedy: are you in love ? do you love madly, with all your heart and soul? then you will die.

I know that beautiful& happy love stories are not beautiful for viewers who get bored quickly – but the fashion of making true lovers die was … a real fashion, which has passed.

Lucia di Lammermoor was written by an Italian, Donizetti – who had read a novel by Walter Scott : The Bride of Lammermoor.

Donizetti, impressed by the strange atmosphere of Scotland, by this story that goes from bad to worse for the characters every second, he sees the potential of a breathtaking opera.
He therefore decided to set the action in Scotland.

All right, don’t tell me that a young girl named Lucia, a young man Arturo, a brother Enrico, a lover Edgardo – that doesn’t sound very Scottish. Lammermoor, Ravenswood, Ashton, that sounds Scottish, and here is our action and our characters planted in the wild Scottish moors.

Built on the basis of families that hate each other and whose children, of course, will fall in love, Lucia will be original because, this time, no stupid and narrow-minded fathers to force their children. This time, it is poverty that will guide the choice of marriage for the beautiful Lucia.
They have become too poor: she will marry anyone in love – what more does she want? – who will save the family from ruin. And it is her brother who imposes this marriage.
I recognize that this fiancé has the worst role – nobody wants him in this story.

Vittorio Grigolo in Edgardo’s scene – MET 2018

And, with a few lies, the brother manages to eliminate the enemy-lover from the vicinity of his sister.

It is at this point that Donizetti places a sextet – which is quite impressive to listen to and marks the end of all the hopes of the lovers, lost in the lies of others.

Then, the terrible day of the wedding comes.
Lucia gets married, oh yes – it’s just after that she sings the tune that the 5th Element has brought to the forefront.
For this opera, it is not the “dance of the diva”, but “the song of madness” :

She took the marriage badly.
Really bad.

As a result, she gave in slightly to anger – which turned into insanity – and the story then veers totally into tragedy – as all the little and nasty shenanigans are known too late. – “shenanigans: well what a so curious word for me -you notice that I haven’t yet given up trying to learn the most outlandish words in your language

It is thus the madness which gives to Lucia a voice so pure, so high and so serious at the same time, the despair of her broken life, of this stupid marriage, of these engagements which she cannot want.

& as often, the true works have a posterity, here is one that perhaps you did not know, by Liszt.

Well… maybe… if you ever have time to waste, here is a small detour to the Liceu of Barcelona – an Opera on the Ramblas :… a little lower, it is the statue of Christopher Columbus and the sea, a little higher, the magic fountain of Barcelona, in the alleys you will find what to stay enchanted and on the ramblas, a show that never sleeps :

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Featured Image : from The 5th Element – Luc Besson – the Diva

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