Quieter than Silence

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I think that, for all of us, when we hear the word “silence” associated with the word “music”, the very famous song of Simon & Garfunkel comes into our heads

I’m not going to spoil my pleasure and if you had forgotten it, here it is:

but…. quieter than silence ?

It is that it is necessary to have experimented it, the silence, to have had the idea of a music much softer

This concert is the result of a friendship, between Syria and Iran – a little France after
No – it is the result of a friendship between musicians from these countries.
Mehdi Aminian is Iranian and above all a musician and singer, Mohamad Zatar is Syrian and above all an oud player, Leila Soldevida Renault is French and above all a double bass virtuoso, Behnam Masoumi is Iranian and a master of musical time being a master of percussion, Zabih Vahid is Iranian, a composer and an absolute master of this strange instrument – for me – that is the Kamanech :

What these musicians do is quite simple, from a human point of view: faced with the outpouring of imbecilic words, with those that lead you to kill people for words, with the unbearable noises we are confronted with, faced with these words that seem to come straight from 1984, by dint of being emptied of their meanings – they first wanted silence
then to find the sense of the real life – you know the silly life, the life which is happy to live, the one which does not go too fast, the one which enters deeply in our hearts
and for that, to say that, between words that mean nothing and musical instruments, they chose music and this title.

They went in search of the immemorial sounds – our ancestors heard them, our descendants will hear them.
Sounds that tell of the wind and of walking a little slowly, head down to the ground, but it’s not serious, it’s just a little tiredness
Sounds that tell of the nearby water, and near the water, yes without doubt, the smile of a friend
Sounds of a road that travels without going once in a straight line
Very simple sounds, we would soon forget that our lives are simple, right?

They say it very well themselves – and I can only suggest you to go and see for yourself : Quieter Than Silence

So they came to tell us again
And… when it is that, art, I love art.

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Featured Image : Roots Revival – Quieter Than Silence

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