The Cannon Man

Circus & Music

You all know, I imagine, this old circus act which consisted in propelling a man from a cannon?

Kusturica made it a mythical character, a bird man who flies with happiness above the more or less funny cretinities which happen on the floor of the cows, he comes down at the end, when finally everything is fine :

… the end of Promise Me This– E. Kusturica

It’s in this spirit, totally romantic, totally not romantic, totally out of touch with the codes, totally in the air of time that Remi Luchez imagined his last show, L’homme Canon.

No real cannon man in there – but a real circus man, that’s for sure.

He is the flying spirit, as in the imagination of Kusturica.
The man who makes all the objects of the world dance – even the most incongruous ones : when did you think of juggling with your tiles ? With your grandmother’s clay pot ?
all these objects so useful, so used, so devalued by dint of being common and usual find themselves dancing in the air, because he is a man who loves air, lightness and the whole delicate world of illusion.

She – she is a kind of bully made woman. She moves forward and she breaks everything. She doesn’t notice anything. The objects do not exist, she crosses them – she is his despair.
And then in fact, no.
She, the bully – Lola Clavet plays the bully very well – when she has her instrument in her hands, she carries you away in the infinite delicacies of music
of the voice
of the song

ah yes, but these are not objects
yes yes, but he still likes her poetry
And she? she breaks his tiles, it’s true – she recovers his pots, it’s true too – but she likes his poetry

And here is a whole story of love which is set up, just like that, without taking care, between two beings who seem so different – who have such an opposite relationship to the world, who don’t really understand each other and who understand each other anyway

Remi Luchez – Company Association des Clous

Just like a cannon-man, with these wild gun fights, starts to discover extraordinary universes.

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Featured Image : Circus Bouglione

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        1. Aaahhhh !!!!! j’ai compris !!!! understood πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ – in France, his name is particularly pronounced on the end, which is said “ritsssa” – stop me at the i, it was impossible obviously πŸ˜€

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