The location in Dubai is part of the Altair project – even if it is not a fundamental component.

It is my choice and it was not a whim – I looked for a city that is, in a symbolic way, a bet on the future. A city that is absolutely international – with a very strong cultural background, and the Arab, Persian, Oriental culture is a huge and beautiful culture.
A city where you don’t get lost in political machinations, or in religious wars.
So, even if it’s very hot, even if outdoor activities can only take place a few months a year, Dubai seemed to me to meet these criteria.
In short, I was looking for an artificial paradise – a civilization is artificial, but it is rarely a paradise.

– no, I’m not adding anything.

The quintupled technical challenge seemed to me also really interesting – a theatre is a place where energy consumption is really high, in Dubai you add the need for air conditioning and in the end you have a nice bet to try: to make this energy consuming monster a green monster – I had seen a lot of architectural solutions & in addition, it allowed to have a perfectly amazing and beautiful place.

A small tour in an idea concretized in Dubai?

And here are the news that come to me from Dubai :

according to the latest news – still seen from my home, so with inevitable delay – I learn that the real estate market has started to boom again in Dubai and to boom, it seems – durably.

It would be especially the villas that would be very popular – the cities on the Palm Jumeirah – taken by storm by all those who could afford not to experience repeated confinements.

Dubai – Palm Jumeirah

So, a public rather used to go out – to go to the theatre … to have fun and to do things that will amaze others when they will tell them.

So that’s great news, in and of itself.
Well, it could have been great news, actually.

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