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A little video game? It’s been a long time.
First because I have too much work to really play
Secondly, because I’m not done with Civilization VI and the last expansions.

But then this little game, all beautiful, all new, all fresh, has everything to please.

Barely launched, Glyph is a hit when downloaded – but a real hit, the kind that makes others envious.

It’s an independent studio game – not a big AAA machine. This can be seen in the picture, you don’t get lost in the details either.

I’m interested in it because it has a story – and stories are necessarily welcome when it comes to plays and performances.

And it really appeals to me because it’s a mix of all the games from the great, unbearable, and oh-so-bewitching era of video games.
If you watch the trailer, you’ll feel like you’re replaying a bit of Mario, or Crash Bandicoot – those platform games that are just a little bit annoying, just a little bit – but still annoying.
It’s got the comic book feel of the old games, which is very charming.

And if you look at the video that shows the gameplay, you’ll realize with horror that it’s also a kind of return of that terrible, horrible, game that was Super Monkey Ball – the camera, you manage it – if you don’t manage it – well, too bad, go play sports, what do you want me to say?

But we are in 2021 and the technical possibilities have increased considerably.
So, where in Mario or Crash, you, the player, were in a mapped out course – difficult but mapped out – you will be in Glyph in a free course – well free – a course where you will have the possibility to go directly to the end, if you find the path for example.

It existed, I see you gamers – I know there were courses on the side, bonus courses for players who were either very talented or very clumsy or very lucky, which allowed you to cheat like crazy in racing games – all right, okay, yes, I cheated like everyone else, of course. And I won my races.

In Glyph, they took this principle and extended it. – there are time trials in the game, it was important to think about the cheaters.

As for the story, it is a very simple and effective explorer story: you will find – or not – the dying civilization. You have to understand why it is disappearing so far that you thought it was gone. You better find it to finish the game, because the guy who is going to rebuild the temple is you.
But this is where the game differs from its splendid elders: none of my runs in Crash Bandicoot were about finding a lost civilization. It was about advancing to the various level bosses and getting the bad guy at the end. But the races themselves were meant to be races – quite exciting races, by the way – I loved them.

As a result, it gives a game that has recovered everything that we love and everything that annoys us when we play : then, a wonderful game.

Since there is a story – you can create the story on stage – the before or after.
As the player has to succeed in his bet and rebuild this famous temple – I even have a very funny and nice stake if I go on with my desires of: what if we invent tournaments like no one has invented yet?

And as these ^^^ , have taken over the infernal gameplay of Super Monkey Ball, there is even a way to have small adaptations in Virtual Reality absolutely … horrible.

In short : Glyph is a perfect game for a theatre like Altair.

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Featured Image : screenshot of Glyph – by Bolverk Games – for Nintendo Switch

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