If you want, I’ll start by asking for your forgiveness. I offer you all my apologies – and not just a silly apology, no, no, my most sincere apologies.

You’ll probably be angry with me, and well – I would be sad but …you’ll have the right.
Maybe will you think that I’m making fun of you, and that won’t be true at all.
Or will you think that I didn’t look very far for my gem of the day – well, that, okay… that’s true.

But how can I resist? I can’t, I promise you, I can’t resist a temptation like this.
A show called: Pùnkitititi? and I would have to be serious? but no – no, I can’t, I can’t, I’m so sorry.

There’s so much tititi in that word : I’m thrilled with it – tititi here, tititi there – oh ? where ? ti ? tititi ???? don’t you love tititi ? of course I do love tititi, & even tirlititi and taratata, ah, well, what ? a ki? a what ? a kititi ??? kititi ? no ? kitititi ???? tititi ? punki -tititi ?!- it’s so fun ! & punk – j’adore. Yes, I’m sorry. Yes I apologize. But I love it.

So I stumbled – quite by chance – on this show called Pùnkitititi!
Of course, I watched – how could I not watch this?

And my joy does not stop: who is the main character of this show that has the name of laughter? A depressed artist – depressive the guy, he doesn’t believe in anything anymore, he can’t take it anymore, he looks at his shoes and even his shoes are ugly – take away ‘artist’ and here I am in this guy, when I’m lost in tunnels where I find everything too hard.

Besides, I say it like that, but I’m still there, me, in my tunnel, I’ll soon be able to settle down to never leave this dark thing of which I see no exit -what’s practical is that I’m now completely in sync with the main character – he and I think the same things. I just have to find him, this guy, we put down our bags, we give up the fight and we raise mushrooms, it is not annoying at least that, mushrooms. Hmmmm…. no? no.

The guy, he finds himself alone in a hotel room so anonymous that you’d set it on fire just to give it some personality. And then, bang, the crisis. It happens to me all the time – well, no, it happens to me from time to time.
The crisis, the one where you ask yourself : why was I so stupid ? why doesn’t anyone love me ? why don’t I love anyone ? why am I bored ? but what’s the point of going on, like this ? frankly ?
He is 36 floors above the ground. He can jump.
I’m usually 36 floors below the ground – if I jump, I fall even lower, and it takes me longer to believe that I can see the surface again.
That’s the big difference between this character and me.

And now, during his beautiful existential crisis, while he takes himself very seriously – I take myself very seriously when I have my existential crises – the coat rack tells him that he would have liked to be a lamp.
Honestly? what does this coat rack care about?
And all the objects, one after the other, start to tell him their little misfortunes as objects.

In these cases, when even the objects do not take your great anxiety attack seriously, you have two choices.
Either you throw them all in the trash and seriously consider suicide.
Or you give up your anxiety attack and start laughing, because in fact, we don’t care about all that: the meaning of life, the tricks, the mistakes, the things, the lala, the lili, the titi, tititi – no : kitititi, and yes, it’s hard my poor Gisèle, it’s hard life, and frankly? frankly, who care ? oh please don’t care, because it’s beautiful life, it’s funny life, and the day will come when we will dance.

So he starts dancing, with his objects that have become little joys of life, and here he is in the middle of an epic battle with a monstrous kraken straight out of the bathroom, but when do we rest?
Well, we’ll rest later. I hear we’ll have time.

If I leave this article here, you may not have noticed that I cheated twice.
Well, cheated – I didn’t admit to everything.

So admit it –
Music? then music – but yes, music, music is Mozart, necessarily, only Mozart is able to make a coat rack dance and an artist in advanced depression crisis. Mozart and Mozart, even I love him.

And the staging? … well….that’s where you can be a little angry with me and accuse me of laziness.
The staging is the combination of the theatre and the fabulous Salzburg Marionettes Theatre. I talked about it a little while ago, I know, I know.
I had seen Pùnkitititi at that time, I know too, and well…. well.

But seriously? This show is worth a separate article, isn’t it? But yes, a show that tells us that life is beautiful is worth a separate article. Are you really dismayed ? but no, I can’t believe that

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Featured Image : from Pùnkitititi!

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