Mick Gordon


Yes, yes.
I won’t defend myself – well – not fiercely.
I could also tell you that I want to highlight Till Lindemann or Ritchie Blackmore by telling you that they need Altair to be known and recognized.

So – and not to be mocking at all – these men are ultra-known by those who know them.

Of course, they don’t need to be known – they already are.

Everyone who has put their hands on the controllers to play DOOM knows Mick Gordon.

Mick Gordon

Doom is a baby of idSoftware, big baby now, whose editors have changed several times. So, to be more specific, Mick Gordon is involved in the last few episodes of Doom published by Bethesda from 2012.

Doom is a cornerstone of video game history – this game is one of the first, if not the first, First Personal Shooter – and begins its legend in 1993.

Mick Gordon stepped in on the Doom reboot in 2016– and word among gamers is that he took the game to new heights with his soundtrack.

If you know that Doom is a game where you find yourself alone fighting hordes and hordes and hordes of demons straight out of the Underworld – that when you’ve painfully managed to eliminate them – you thought – from the Hell, they’ve invaded the Earth and destroyed just about every form of human life and here we go again for hours of titanic battles against monsters of an ugliness . ..quite…. quite … well, an ugliness ugly and atrocious – then you will understand why Doom needed a Metal composition :

You will tell me that there is nothing light, cheerful or sweet about it? then it is true.
But I didn’t find anything light, cheerful or sweet in Doom & when there’s humor, it’s downright snarky humor.

DOOM – download waiting message

In any case, Mick Gordon has achieved the major feat of having become quite inseparable from the game Doom – it is as if he has given it spirit – the spirit of fury, of fear, of fierce, desperate fighting.

And so, bringing him on stage …. would lead to a beautiful, beautiful evening – exhausting – all filled with energy, frantic rhythms, and a delighted audience.

Especially since this young man already has to his credit other great compositions that would be quite welcome on a stage:

I can only encourage you to visit his website, where you can see the extent of his compositions – and thus get a very precise idea of all the great things he can bring to a scene like Altair : Mick Gordon Projects.

Home Page

Featured Image : Doom – by id Software

Otherwise, for those who are less aware of the names, who are amateurs and not fans, Till Lindemann is musician and composer for Rammstein, Ritchie Blackmore is musician and composer for Deep Purple…. of course you know him – you know at least this :

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