A little breeze of freshness in this world under advanced heat wave?
So, of course : Björk.

Björk, the musician and singer who came to us from Reykjavik.

Reykjavik: just this name makes me dream, how on earth should I pronounce this word? It is a whole universe of ice and volcanoes, of immense and black stones, of furious sea, of storms of a wind which freezes you, all this universe that she drags with her, in the very curious sound of her hoarse voice, in the still more curious sounds with which she accompanies her music.

Björk on the Fagradalsfjall Volcano

Björk started her career at the end of the 80s and she never left the stage.
This girl has a little something incredible: she never sings the same thing.
She has to move on, to walk around, to change.
Sometimes we love her, sometimes not so much – it’s her audience that moves, along with her, an audience that finds itself attached to this prolific and brilliant singer when she wants it.

For Homogenic, she emphasized the three essential noises, the three noises that have existed since the dawn of time: breathing, the heartbeat and the quivering of the nerves – resulting in a composition that is quite astonishing and that touches the listener directly.

me? I stay in Japan? but not at all – it’s her.

In this one, Jóga, behind her voice, how to miss the absolute contrast of the violins and the percussions? How not to find oneself with her, walking in her so wild country, where the beauty disputes with the violence?

In 2004 Björk records Medúlla. It is an album dedicated to the voice – and so she asked for singers’ voices, poets’ voices, cold or warm, vibrating or monotone, voices that express personalities
And as a result, almost all the sounds in Medúlla were created by human voices, sometimes distorted, remixed, but humain voices.

I won’t go through his entire career – which is not over.

However, I don’t see how it would be possible to miss this great artist when you claim to open a real theatre?

a little polar air from Björk’s country?
yes yes, it’s hot as hell in my place, it’s true

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Featured Image : Hverfjall volcano, Noth Iceland

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