Yes yes, it was said, it is in progress, music week :

And tonight the Cumbia – I’ll come back to it when I’ve taken my lovely little brain out of all the stuff it has to deal with

The Cumbia, at the beginning, it seems to me – but yes I will check it – it comes from Colombia – it was at the same time a dance and a music, which took again in a mime way the peasant days

And then it went to Argentina – the cumbia, not the peasant days. It found its place in the most popular, the most underprivileged districts and it took a very very bad reputation there.
And so, when it went from the districts to the beautiful districts, it was a shock to everyone – but a nice shock, because now it can be danced as you like, it is electronized, it is exported everywhere and it gives us, those from very, very far away, a very nice air of Latin American music

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Featured Image : Cartagena

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