A word for another

Short Play

It’s a game – a challenge – and a play.
The principle is quite simple – but a bit cruel: if I say that nobody needs to hear the end of a sentence to understand it, then I say that I can change the words to put others that have nothing to do with each other.
Does this work?

Oh yes – it’s actually quite strange.
And it leads everyone to listen to these very ordinary sentences that we never listen to in their entirety.

Something like that :

Hello, how are you? Do you really have to say it?
I could say : Hello, how do you mammoth? – you will understand and start listening to me.
You might even answer me:
But…mop, mop, thank you.

In this case, my Spanish-Gypsy English would be quite useful.

To play the theme well, you would need:
attend the play: it features the famous ‘comedy trio’: husband, lover, wife – with a maid and a best friend to keep the count right.

No one speaks normally in this play – the spectator is quite lost at the beginning, and then quickly adapts, because the actors’ acting, the tone they use and especially the habit of ready-made sentences – allow him to understand what is happening.

The story is there so that the spectator does not get lost too much: the scheme is necessarily very classical – since the words are quite extravagant.

Jerôme Bosch

As I would very much like to see a venue that really cares about its audience – and the opportunity is too good to pass up – obviously it will have to take the experience a little further than just the performance.

A few tickets to be won if you, the spectators, manage to amaze us with your sentences-extravagant but still understandable – funny, poetic, sad, as you prefer – but extravagant.

This is exactly a subject that should be placed in the AAApp – which I have not forgotten – and which will need various games to exist, develop and become important.
One month before the show, challenge: talk yes – but differently.

We can even go overboard with a virtual bonto game – but it will be one of your words hidden under the glass.
Find it and propose your bizarre phrase in the AAApp.
If not… well : try again.

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