Marvellous Instruments n° 3


Here is an instrument with a particular reputation – someone says “harp” and everyone thinks Ophelia, lying drowned in waters full of tall grass.
Some think woman – some think romanticism
And – let’s be honest: most of us think “complete boredom” when we are not in a nostalgic mood.

Which of us thinks of this cheerfulness when we speak of the harp?

Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda – Fire (Live in Montreal)

Which one of us imagines seeing a guy soloing on the harp? No, no, not even I can hear the protests.
Someone says: harp and everyone starts thinking about an ethereal blonde with fairy hands.

And not sir – great sir by the way – very great artist :

Edmar Castaneda

you may recognize this music.
But I’ll bet you jump on three water lilies if you thought there was a harp in there
And that on the harp plays a totally immense musician, Mrs. Dorothy Ashby.

A little sweetness to finish? Of course, the harp is an instrument dreamed to tell the water, the nostalgia, the moon and the moonlight.
Debussy, interpreted by Héloïse de Jenlis

And so, persisting in this direction, I say to myself that yes, really, proposing instruments in the spotlight, rather than authors or genres or moods, opens up such a rich palette of programming that why deprive yourself of it?

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