Water Puppet Show

Around the world in puppets / Vietnam

This story begins in the 11th century, in the delta of the Red River in the country that is now called Vietnam.

Telling the daily life, of course, but in a light, fluid, aerial way, if we can say it, in a poetic way.
So particular puppets were invented: carved in the wood of the fig tree, they are light and float easily.
Carved, then painted with bright colors, they have a submerged base that will allow the artists to make them “dance on water” without anyone in the audience seeing anything.

Thang Long Water Puppet Show

From there, the imagination is infinite: what will the dragons do when their heads come out of the water? – but yes you know, of course they will.
Who the hell is devouring the water lilies? a crocodile? but there are people there, on the edge
Do you think the fishermen will catch the fish that are frolicking next to them?

It is a whole series of small scenes, sometimes marvelous, sometimes daily, always joyful (often joyful) which is shaken under our eyes, and frankly, it is magnificent.
All the more so as water has this immense quality that it can be illuminated in any way you wish – opaque and it’s night and dangerous water – green and it’s water that hides what? clear, for the water where we will play
So much so that the spectator forgets that the show takes place everywhere and normally gets fooled by the final scene ….

Another kind of show that just wants to be shown, and shown again, and shown again.

Here is the Legend of the restored sword :

As for the artists – you know where the artists are, right?
Next to the pool, behind the curtain – is that what you think?

Not at all – they are in the water – waist deep.
When I tell you it’s hard to be an artist.

As for the modalities of soft virtual reality, they are infinite – and can be quite a time of absolute enchantment for the participants: being a water lily, for a few minutes in life, is an unforgettable experience.

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Featured Image : Thang Long Water Puppet Show

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