Eliane Rodrigues


Eliane Rodrigues is a professional pianist, and so far, you and I are surely very happy for her.

But she has a little something extra.
I discovered her absolutely by chance, not to say inadvertently, since the video was played “afterwards”.
And I discovered this – at first I was annoyed for her, having a defective piano in the beginning of a concert is atrocious.

In less than 3 seconds, I changed my mind. This technical problem allowed her to really show who she was, and how much of an artist she was – not just a professional pianist, and definitely not an artist who admires herself while disregarding her audience.

I admired her incredible way of not abandoning her audience – she made them smile, she made them laugh, she impressed them – she never forgot that they had come to see a concert and that they had paid for it and she more than respected them.

And when her face turns to them for her little ‘goodbye’, there is so much joy in her smile and in her eyes that she must have communicated all her happiness at being there with them.

Eliane Rodrigues – pianist

And then I wondered who this lady was.
Not for nothing.
She is indeed a great artist, a great musician – and above all a woman who truly loves her audience.
That’s so rare (I’m not talking about the ones who pretend to love their audience and run away as soon as they can, or feel so high that they start telling everyone about life and morals)
So rare that this is an artist I can’t wait to come and listen to – even for classical, a woman like her makes you love what she plays.

Whether she’s performing, narrating, sharing, explaining or performing again – she radiates that: she loves her audience. She loves and respects her audience.

So, from my point of view, Eliane Rodrigues is an absolute gem of a musician, who must be on our stages.

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4 Thoughts

  1. Like the actress who played Mireille…this one is full of passionate talent!
    I am amazed that this is the first I have heard of this human…
    WONDERFUL! I enjoyed both the play yesterday (even though I thought it was a bit sad) and I really enjoyed listening to Ms. Rodrigues’ teachings and talents.
    Thank you for sharing, as always I hope the very best for you!
    Merci 😉

    ~Fan Fist

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    1. 🙂 Bonjour mon ami 🙂 ah the story of Mireille and Vincent is only sad in this version – it was the fashion of the time, a love story is only valid if it is tragic. In the legend, they both leave together, after being blessed and married by the Virgin Mary – and the father admits, a little forcefully, that he was an old fart!

      I loved Eliane – this woman enchanted me – I’m glad she had the same effect on you – true artists are “suns of humanity” !

      Liked by 1 person

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