Skulls in Skull

Skull is a game – a board game – a game that is supposed to come straight from the buccaneer’s taverns, you know the ones where you risked dying because people smoked, fought, drank their last piece and bet their boots… fortunately, you don’t risk dying anymore. These places of perdition have been forbidden, because they are bad for your health.

There are only crumbs left – including Skull.
If you’ve played poker, you’ll have some idea of the state of mind you need to be in to play.
You have two options: either you play to kill your opponents – you don’t win, but you kill – and it’s very enjoyable – I’m talking about gambling of course.
Or you play to win.
But you know that your buddies are like you and they are able to play to blow your head off.
Do you risk it? You don’t risk?
It’s all talk.
It’s just a bluff.
Only the hope of having anticipated well who just played to smash you.

You make a challenge – a bet – you’ll manage to turn over 2 or 3 or 4 or 14 cards – it’s up to you – without ever running into a skull.
At the first skull, it’s over – you’re dead.
You win a game in two rounds – two successful bets and you win.

The game goes fast – it’s a game of general intoxication – and as the cards are in the shape of coasters, of course, it gets drunk and the atmosphere heats up very quickly.

So this is a game that you should definitely play during parties with a pirate theme.
You know, instead of being there and waiting for the right time, and waiting to get your seats and waiting because it’s become fashionable to make people wait and waste time? – instead of waiting, we play.

And I don’t even bet – a place that offers to play instead of waiting is a place that becomes friendly to its customers.

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