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Let’s assume I want to see the story of Morgan’s takeover of Panama on stage.
I wonder if people would be interested – I say to myself: I have a legendary and real hero, and, in this one, a legendary and real heroine, the Lady of Panama.
I have adventures I don’t know what to do with
A real potential for suspense
Extravagant twists and turns – the procession to defeat the pirates is not an expected action – which can bring a welcome moment of relaxation before launching the “hard” with the lady.
I agree, the narrative will have to be reconstructed – and probably work out a bit with the actual history.

But I have enough to have a really good show.

Do I have enough for an e.sport video game tournament?

Are you seriously waiting for me to answer this question?

hum !

KOTOR II – Kreia – by Obsidian –

Never mind, never mind, okay… I explain.

Without inventing new codes or games for e.sport, it is very possible to pick from the current one that works very well, namely team fights.

If you imagine that Panama was taken without battles and without different battalions scattered here and there, then you haven’t read the story.

There are even enough epic moments that you can even invent other “battle” times for the players.

This opens up games that focus on jungle battles (no, of course there aren’t any…) and games that focus on taking positions in cities. Have you seen the beta release of Halo Infinite? – Check out the game’s maps.

Positioning the Spanish team against the Pirates team is a no-brainer, so much so that it is obvious.
Since we’re talking about large armed forces, it’s even possible and desirable – and would be great – to position battalions with specific objectives for each side. And here we open up to the maximum the potential carried by this story and its implementation in a video game, in real time.

The story has to move forward – the pirate team wins, that’s right.

But the Spaniards have a few missions to complete – get as many ships away as possible to save as much gold from Panama as possible.
Destroy as many resources and supplies as possible – to weaken Morgan’s teams as much as possible – to bring them to the state where they arrived in real life, which is three quarters defeated.

In fact, the objective for the teams that will be in the Spanish camp will be to do as much damage as possible – and allowable – in the ranks of Morgan’s team (there will be an untouchable reserve via AI to complete the story); save as much gold as possible by slowing down the progress of the pirates in Panama through street fighting.

On Morgan’s side, obviously, keeping as many men, supplies and weapons as possible is fundamental for the arrival in Panama.
In the city, go as fast as possible – knowing that two boats will necessarily leave, the monks’ gold and the Lady of Panama. All the other boats, all the other cargo, will be in play.

So instead of tearing each other apart for a flag – for a base to hold – we will tear each other apart so that this flag or this base to hold corresponds to a boat full of gold. To be taken/saved.

This will change the ending at the margin – either Morgan’s absolute triumph and the recovery (which did not happen) of the entire treasure of Panama – or the financial triumph of the Spaniards, who gave up the city yes but not the gold – thus Morgan’s failure, since Morgan came to take the gold and not the city, which he abandoned rather quickly. He did not play politics (well, not too much).

You may have noticed that the story is long and is broken down into three moments.
How fortunate!
What a chance!

If I have three moments, I also have a way to place my e.sport tournament over a long period of time, with only the finale and the best teams in real time with the stage.

First moment: the jungle (and moreover it would be possible to work with several video games – how can I exaggerate? not at all).
Small troops of 4/5 – Spaniards against Pirates – the objective of some is to weaken the others.

Second moment: the capture of Cruces – okay, we’ll have to move away a bit
Spanish objective – delay Morgan – poison the supplies – kill as many pirates as possible.
Morgan’s objective: regain strength – stop – eat – recover life – which means in video game terms that your character will not be at full strength at all – which greatly increases the interest of playing it and the difficulty.
On this second time, the finalist teams of the e.sport tournament will be determined.

The last moment: the taking of Panama. – I’ve talked about that.

The finalist teams will have the big games to play.
But since I’m an inveterate cheater, the other players will be able to play in the streets of Panama City and come help – in game – their team. They will be helpers on the bangs, of course – basic shooting game with the objective of providing their teams with random equipment that can change the course of things (weapons … explosives … all that … ) what AIs make appear in online games in short, will be taken care of by players not qualified to “carry the flag”.

This allows players to be active until the end of the tournament.
End of the tournament that will see the link between Morgan and the Spaniards leaning one way or another – and the scriptwriters being very inventive people, there will be different dialogues depending on who won the tournament, for which side.

Since this tournament took place within the walls of Altair, try to tell me for a second that the theatre won’t be packed, that the transmission via Altair Twin won’t be followed – and that the little extra games offered in the AA App won’t be the baby hit of the day.

It is for this reason, which allows to exploit the real time to the maximum, that we must not lose this story by adapting it to the cinema, because in the cinema the story becomes frozen.
With e.sport, it remains changing – dynamic.

It’s easier than playing bingo.
I don’t even understand how it doesn’t already exist.

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Featured Image : Kreia – KOTOR II by Obsidian

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