Cirque du Soleil


It seems to be a Holy Day for you, so…
a Holy Day is about the people you love being with you, all around you, first and foremost, as much as possible in presence or at least shining in the heart, right?
it is places transformed for the party
moments in common
& if possible unforgettable moments, with more joy than misery.

So, the Cirque du Soleil is the perfect gift to send you from home.
Because, you know, Intermission is over

Cirque du Soleil 2021

& it’s a pure joy ! look:

They’ve put together a show that promises to be… Christmas spirit and fantasy, with Disney – you know the old Disney, the one with Walt drawing his cheeky, laughing little mouse – This show looks like pure magic : Drawn to Life

So here’s what I found from them to give you a little bit of their joie de vivre, their magic, this wonderful entertainment that makes even the most grumpy people smile :

May you live wonderful days

Home Page

Featured Image : Amaluna – by Cirque du Soleil

Luzia & Amaluna

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