Music / Dance

It’s about music and partying that we’ll talk about
It’s from the People of the Musicians
He who, according to legend, travels the world from the beautiful lands of India, with his horses and his music.

If you want to know about the Gypsies, their culture, their history and their difference… listen to them…

Not all the bands presented here are made up of Gypsies, but all of them loved their love of music.

Shantel & Areti Ketime

There are several gypsy families in Europe.
In very, very large, there is the Spanish culture and the Balkan culture.

Those who are close to Spain have developed an immoderate love of guitar and singing.
Flamenco has been a dream since Carmen and will not stop making people dream.
We’re forgetting Fado a bit and we’ll need a new Mérimée to make us fall in love.

Titi Robin Trio

Those who are close to the Balkans give in the fanfare, the music of celebration, joy, dance and various explosions.

Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra

Kustrica and Goran Bregovic give us here a little insight into the gypsy culture of the Balkans – and frankly, they are not lost in the love of useless objects and tricks.

If you want to learn the music of the Spanish Gypsies… this little book is a dive into the beautiful magic of their childhood.

The book is entitled: Little Star Horse, it’s a marvel…

Zaratustra Trio

Then I, without wanting to command anyone,
I’ll see a game that takes its roots in the overflowing imagination of the Gypsy world…
and which would be carried by his musicians

And when Altair comes up, there will be production of a video game “thing” that will make us play in their music.

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