Untitled Goose Game

Video Game / AA App

This little indie game, developed by Australian company House House in 2019, is an absolute and pure little gem.

You probably noticed that the objects disappear?
That your socks, which were supposed to be indestructible couples, quickly end up in solo mode without anyone knowing why.
That your glasses are not in their place.
That you find the watering can in the buffet.
That you find the phone in the freezer bag.

Untitled Goose Game – by House House

You told yourself, like everyone else, that objects were animated by an evil and malignant power.
That there were goblins and house trolls bent on persecuting you.

How else can it be that keys, which are always in the same place when we don’t need them, have disappeared from that place when we urgently need them?

That you forgot the chicken in your famous chicken-mayonnaise sandwich?
That the garden gate is open when it is always closed?
That the water jet turns on while you’re at the office and when you come back, you’re wading in the swamp of hell instead of coming back to the calm of your pretty little lawn?
That you have never, ever, sworn at whoever you want, that you have never received the love postcard from your lover? then arguments, screams, jealousy, and paf, breakup.

Untitled Goose Game explains these terrible moments in your life.
Afterwards, you understand everything and life becomes so much less serious.

You no longer need to go to a psychoanalyst who explains to you that, without you realizing it, there is a “hidden you” inside you that doesn’t want to go to the office at all, to put on identical socks, to drive the car, to eat a chicken-mayonnaise again when you’re dreaming of a kebab, to read the bills that come in correctly, to receive that letter from a lover who is already bothering you so much . … and so, “hiding” saves you from all these worries by doing – out of your consciousness – everything you had to do to make your darkest wishes come true.

Trash, the missed acts, after this game.
Do you know how much money you will save thanks to this game? hmmm?

As for the elves, leprechauns and goblins, oh yes, let me laugh! They are very convenient to hide the real responsible of all these miseries.

The real culprit will be you – but you have become a goose.
A dirty little goose with a dog’s temper, and a pig’s mood.
An ugly beast whose sole and main occupation is to ruin the lives of the people in the village.

A whole game of missions: I will turn your nice little life into a splendid daily hell.

Don’t think it’s easy – it’s all about stealing without being seen, attracting without anyone suspecting the traps, thinking of strategies that are quite ? strategic – not everyone can be a master of evil, it’s a real job.

So inevitably, all this becomes a lot more fun when you get two geese against all these good people who are so serious and boring and full of principles, rules, stuff, pfou!

Two monsters – that’s huge.

I know, I know, it has nothing to do with a theater.
At the very least, it would be a complement to a show for young audiences whose main characters are geese.

Isn’t there one? Of course there is.
How is it organized?

If Altair is normal, it is not organized.
If Altair uses the AA App to play with the geese, it’s already so much more organized.
No ?
Of course it is.

And this is the geese’s Altair mission: to chase away all the spectators in a limited time – and like that, to them all the food in the children’s bags. Let’s see? It’s childish.

In very very clear: whenever it is possible to imagine a common DLC between Altair and a video game, and that can serve the shows given in Altair, then we must imagine this DLC.
The advantage is that Altair will have an infinite number of very varied DLCs – since they are derived from the programming… which leads to an application that will be truly inimitable. Which is a definite advantage.

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Featured Image : Untitled Goose Game – by House House 2019

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